Some days, there are no faults in our stars.

The autumn rain is falling outside, and it is night as I write this. I have showered, and in fresh pyjamas I am in my bed, about to start an early night of slumber, but not before letting the cosmos know that The Great Whatever was kind and generous to me this day, as it was a perfect day.

Perfect in that all went to plan. Our author was professional, and generous with his time, energy and experience. The students were attentive, inquisitive and well behaved. Hallelujah! The creative writers’ group were enthralled, full of questions and so open it melted my heart.

I spent the entire day with our guest author and learnt so very much from him. I am exhausted, of course having to be nice all day is difficult at the best of times, but somehow today I felt as though I have been rewarded for curbing my evilosity.

Minerva was so kind and helpful as well, and when I thanked her for being such a trooper all day, be smiled and replied, “That’s because we are a team”. I love that damn woman.

I have adrenalin pumping but I am so tired at the same time. I wish I could write all the authorial gems of wisdom down now to share with you, but my mind is still trying to process it all.

And to top it off, our author stayed in a room next to the room that John Green stayed in at a German Writers’ Festival and they had dinner together one night! He also appears in one of Green’s vlogs – that tipped the girls in the writers group right over the groupie edge. – “You met John Green!” I told him we may have  to stroke him before he leaves…and we did, metaphorically at least. The students left with autographs and free signed books.

Some days, there are no faults in our stars.


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