self like

Are you ever tempted to “LIKE” your own post?

Go on, tell the truth…

Not even once? EVER?



32 thoughts on “self like

  1. Yep! Sometimes I’m just delighted with my own posts. It reminds me of something I once read that supposedly Mark Twain said about the importance of keeping a journal so you’ll always have something to read on the train. My blog is like that for me at times.


  2. I have to restrain my index finger before I click, I will sometimes sit back and think, “I just wrote that, that’s’ bloody brilliant!” Not trying to sound egocentric here. Facebook on the other hand… hehehe



  3. I liked one post of mine once, and that was by accident. Seriously! Sometimes all those little buttons and icons on WordPress make me dizzy and I’ll click on one by mistake. I once unintentionally deleted a post. I was furious, but then I decided it wasn’t worth publishing anyway. I’ve rather lost the idea that everything I write is gold. 😉


  4. All the time, lady. Megalomania at its best. I ony don’t because well, people would call me that on my face. I am the only one who can call me that.


  5. When we moved from Vox many of us ‘liked’ our own WP posts (once only) because we were inquisitive about the new ‘like’ button and wanted to find out what it did.


  6. Wow. You certainly have full days and full weeks. Who ever said teachers have it easy? And librarians have to clean up after everyone. You’re so busy and I’m not. I don’t like being “retired” but it’s far better than the stress you go through. I remember stress and not fondly. Lucy


  7. No. That’s never occurred to me until I read your post. I don’t even follow myself. Being myself is all the burden I can shoulder. Seriously, blogging is not a popularity contest for me. I just try to write the best posts I can, and hope they appeal, even though some are much more swing and miss-like than hits. But I don’t think I’ve fouled out. At least, not yet.

    Thanks for following me for so long. Sorry it’s taken me so long to visit.


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