Found this photo on Pinterest and the pinners comment was as follows:

i think i need to sort out a romantic liason in bali, just so i can have an amazing romantic dinner …

And all I could think was, “There would be lots of water dragons around those tables, and mosquitoes. There are always water dragons around outdoor restaurants…”

Is it getting older or being married for ever and a day?




9 thoughts on “perspective

  1. I don’t know, but I think the same things when people talk about the “fun” of picnicking or camping out. I worked hard to buy and pay off my house … so I much prefer to enjoy it than some outdoor venue.


  2. Neither. You are being a realist. I would eat outside: I don’t mind lizards, but I would have someone else sit with their back to the jungle.

    And go after dusk! When the sun sets on a warm day the sidewalk can become a carpet of crickets.

    You see, I have thought this thing out thoroughly, and I did so long ago!


  3. Water dragons and bugs aren’t romantic? Why are there so many? The problem with dinning al fresco is that we become the meal.


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