era to era, woman to woman

washing 2

Reclining on my favourite chair as the dishwasher is washing the dishes, the washing machine is cleaning the clothes and the robotic vacuum cleaner is sweeping the floors.

Just wondering what my grandmother, who had 18 children, would have thought of it all.


11 thoughts on “era to era, woman to woman

  1. Poor woman, your grandmother! My grandmother ended up sending three of her seven children to live with her parents in Japan because they were “too many,” and it was the middle of the Depression for them. She didn’t get a new-fangled clothes washer until the 1950s, and then it was little more than a shaking tub with an automated wringer that broke one of her fingers as she fed wet clothes through it. Later they bought a more up-to-date washer and dryer in the late 1960s. Dishwasher she never had—she thought, why have a dishwashing machine when you had four daughters? Unfortunately that attitude rubbed off on my father, who thought the same and never bought a dishwasher for my mother. When dementia set in, she refused to wash the dishes, or made bizarre excuses to not do them (“the neighbors are spying on me, so I musn’t stand by the windows”). I hope when my father goes to hell, he’ll be forced to wash dishes for Eternity.


    • Yes, my Dad never liked his father (Dad was no. 13) and it was said that when my grandfather married he openly said his ambition was to have the most children in the area. He just failed to care for them


  2. Difficult to know how your grandmother would have felt, but I would have been overjoyed at the possibility of entering my own aussie rules football team in the local competition. 😉


  3. I looked up the robo-vacuum name that you gave me. Does it only do hard floors? The only thing I could find for sale here was more of a robo-mopper. I need something which handles pet fur in carpet.


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