The case of the vacuuming dog and can household appliances feel emotions ?

mother's day advert For years I have been in the forefront of the fight for women not to be given home appliances for Mother’s Day. I mean, really, one day off and here’s your gift and get back to work?

There was the brief relapse the year I thought a bread maker was a good idea. Ideas of mother earth and the bread of my childhood, still warm from the bakery seduced me and my guard slipped. Yes, dear reader, I regressed, but momentarily. It was back to pjs and perfume for this mother the following year.

That is, until this year.

Mr FD was cruising the internet and came across a one day offer for a Robot Vacuum Cleaner that was not only in go faster red, meeting all his requirements, but also promised to be able to cope with all types of pet and animal hair. I guessed that meant shedding man hair too.

No one told me Golden Retrievers shed so much hair! Not that I asked. We owned a white cat a couple years ago, and two daughters who both had hip length hair a few years before that, so I have dealt with my fair share of hair about the house. Nothing compared to Augie Dog! His hair wafts like tumbleweeds across the floors. I have taken to keeping a lint brush with me most of the time, and especially at work, as Augie is in the habit of jumping on me just as I walk out the door for school. The easiest solution is to keep another lint brush on my desk and have Minerva check me over!

To be honest, the advert had me at the mention of animal hair. Then Mr FD said it was half its normal price. SOLD! to the lady who is about to eat all her rants and principles  about Mother’s Day gifts!

It arrived while Mr FD and Son were on their interstate jaunt, so I placed the box on Mr FD’s favourite chair for him to have the joy of opening. My decision had nothing to do with the fact that there were layers of packing to unpack, and the possibility of some kind of electronic programming best left to others with nothing better to do. I like to share my gifts. Honestly.

First morning home, and a flock of Flamingo Dancers could have been viewed standing in a semi circle in the middle of the living room watching magic take place. Intense discussion about what was about to happen, might happen, did happen, could happen, filled the air. It was a small life and we were living it!

The last time we felt such intense joy was when we installed our first dishwasher.

As I write this post, the wonder of the modern ages is currently bobbing in and out from under our bed. I never knew life could be like this.

The only issue is that Augie Dog keeps following it around, shedding new tumbleweeds of hair as he goes. All very chicken and egg, just in this case, vacuum cleaner and dog. I don’t know what level of intelligence a robotic vacuum cleaner may have, but I hope it can’t feel frustration or anger.  I know how I feel when I clean something and someone instantly messes it up. If it does, then  Augie might be a doomed dog! GR3


22 thoughts on “The case of the vacuuming dog and can household appliances feel emotions ?

  1. I have a yellow lab that should be bald, as much hair as she loses. All. Of. The. Time. I fear she might view a robot vacuum as a threat and immediately kill it.

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  2. Haven’t you heard the saying – Home is where the dog hair is on everything but the dog. I’m always surprised that Chicken Little has any hair left on her as the amount on the floor every day is amazing. She could be a wig maker for balding Jack Russells.


  3. The Golden’s volume of hair shedding is matched by almost no other. I’m glad Augie isn’t trying to protect you from it, and of course this is a totally acceptable Mom’s day gift because you don’t actually have to do the work! it’s robotic!


  4. Oh, how wonderful. I have been thinking about one of those. We have a golden retriever who is responsible for constant hair tumbleweeds (we call them tumblehairs). I am so jealous. Lucy


  5. Does this cleaner work for human hair, in particular woman hair? At the rate at which I am shedding, I amsure it is divine intervention that I have any left.
    That aside….the goddess buckled? tsk tsk.


    • I did buckle. I have to let Mr FD win now and again, to give him a reason to keep living. It says animal and pet hair – though I suspect really really long hair would have you down gutting it off the little rollers from time to time.


  6. You could just disengage the gears and strap it to Augie’s behind so he can drag it round as he sheds hair…… We did consider this for each of our children btw


  7. Love the post. Yes, dog hair. I’ve had both a big dog, a black lab, and now a 6 pound chihuahua. Still have dog hair all over me and the house. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it.


    • If a chihuahua followed me home I fear I would have to walk over to the neighbours house as they are a breed that I just can’t warm too. SIS had one many years ago and it yapped and yapped… but I am sure you’re puppy is adorable. I am just evil.


  8. No household appliances for Mrs GOF on Mother’s Day…..just garden forks and shovels and boxes of chocolates to power them. I’m the robot vacuum cleaner in our house….free advert for Shark vac cleaner here…..superb…it sucks up cat hair and even the cat itself if you’re not careful.


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