the solo sounds of silence

alone 1

Why is it that as soon as anyone hears that I am to be “home alone” for a few days, they immediately make the assumption that I will be lonely, or make the suggestions that I either visit them, or worse still, they visit me? “You know what you should do…” a statement that under any circumstances is guaranteed to make me bristle is not what I am open to on this occasion for sure!

Do they not realise that I am a woman who is rarely “alone”? I work all day with people and I come home to people. That is in no way a complaint, it is an observation, a fact.

Can they not imagine for a microsecond  that I might enjoy the utter silence of an empty home for a few days? Have they never experienced the relief of not having to plan meals, or accommodate the needs of others, for a short while? The joy of having the entire bed to oneself? To eat without having to share, or hide if it is something special?

Sleep when one wants, rise when one wants, well, when the dog will allow maybe, but at least without guilt.

Lordy, me I have been daydreaming and fantasising about my “home alone” stay cation for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes is it a small life indeed, but oh the small joys it delivers !

So, next time I tell you I am home alone, wish me joy and fun and utter self indulgence, and we will both be fine. In fact, you will continue to live another day.

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14 thoughts on “the solo sounds of silence

  1. I hear you! Working at a school means being immersed in every type of humanity. Coming home to a family may be a happy thing, but it still means being obligated to perform a variety of tasks, from preparing meals and cleaning up the messes to offering a shoulder to cry on. To be relieved of these for a few days is almost as good as a vacation in Tahiti. Enjoy your me-time!


  2. You need an immediate cover story.
    “Spouse will be out of town, but I’m taking that time to have the septic system re-dug.”
    Or the like.
    Just something to keep the casual visitor at bay.


  3. Busy workplace and Barmy Bin for a house. Moments like this just don’t happen here.
    I get the Alone piece – usually from people who spend too much time in non-chaotic surroundings.


  4. Silence and solitude are two things I really treasure about my place. We’ve had people from town come to stay overnight and they’ve not been able to sleep because of the total silence.


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