Project The Best is Yet to Come; or maybe I just need to sleep a little longer

best is yet to come

 If I wanted to make the rest of my life, the best of my life; how exactly am I to go about achieving that? I don’t think it means I need to take up extreme sports, or even to create some detailed and intense bucket list of things to do. I have neither the energy nor the inclination for a midlife crisis entailing anything so mundane as an affair or running off to gaze at my navel in some Asian country, nor to buy an abandoned villa in the south of France (so yesterday’s jaunt, dahling). Truthfully, any concept of a list is not going to make it the “best” of anything for me. Give me a list and I am going to do one of two things.


One, I might become a rabid overachiever by not only ticking everything off the list in a day and a half, but take it to a level higher. Learn to bake a soufflé? I would have to attempt to not only bake that soufflé but have it look like something out of a Nigella Lawson photo shoot and then wonder why I didn’t have national recognition in though I live in the backwards of a small Village and no one knows me. Plus I never follow recipes.


Or the more likely alternative, that after an over excited sleepless night of fantastic and original ideas zinging around inside my brain, the next morning would see my energy and confidence falter, crippled by a massive dose of procrastination and Project The Best is Yet to Come would die an early and hasty death. Struck through the heart and left to bleed out beside my pajamas on the bathroom floor


I would have to have special notebook to record my thoughts, plans and actions and countless joyous moments too, and that would need at least two visits to a number of stationary and bookshops to find that just right notebook, with the cover that spoke to me and represented my project before I could even start to contemplate in anyway the start of anything so momentous as living the rest of my life?


Do I even know what I want the rest of my life to be like? Where is my starting point?

I live in an area that means I am in commune with the land, the seasons and nature. Okay, sometimes that nature is snakes, but isn’t that a metaphor for life in general? How many of us have not encountered a human reptile at least once in our lives? So, got my call to country smugly in the right column.


My family is my centre and my anchor. I have the gift of being a grandparent now, three adult children plus two of their partners whom I love and adore. That doesn’t mean that there is one partner of a child I don’t adore he just hasn’t found one yet. (leaving home might help, but we won’t go there) Also, a partner who makes me wonder about my chances of holding onto my sanity on a daily basis, but a man who allows me to be me, a not always easy person to live with, and a man who always has my back, even when I wish he didn’t. That is not two men by the way, it is one man, though if he doesn’t shed a few kilograms soon he may be mistaken for two men


Job Front. I would retire in a blink of an eye if we could only afford it. The reality is that I will probably be working until the new retirement age of 67. Lucky me. Lucky though that I love the people I work with, I have a degree of autonomy and I have the joy of working in the field that I always wanted to work in – librarianship and teaching. Few other people have the reward of knowing that every day they get the joy of knowing that they are helping someone become the person that they want to become. Priceless. So unless something drastic happens, such as a leadership change (better the devil you know) I don’t see any reason to change that


So, how to make the rest of my life, the best of my life? Sixty four million dollar question! I am open to suggestion. I may need to nap on it and get back to both you and I, or maybe I won’t if the procrastination sets in, or the “too hard basket” shows up at the door.

What are you doing to make the rest of your life, the best of your life? Do tell.




9 thoughts on “Project The Best is Yet to Come; or maybe I just need to sleep a little longer

  1. I struggle with the same question…but right now? A game of thrones marathon and some chinese take out. If I figure it out before you, I will share the secret.


  2. I need to worry less about petty things and focus on the bigger picture. Just because someone I hardly know looks at me in a hostile manner doesn’t mean my life or even my day has been ruined. I probably won’t even remember her the next day.

    I could carry around a stick in FD fashion, of course, and make sure the other person remembers me. Not in a good way, either.


    • I always try to remember that they are the ones with the problem, not me. If they want to spoil their day let them. An important moment for me was when I realised that most people are walking around thinking about themselves, not others and certainly not me.

      And yes retribution, or rather the contemplation of retribution can be very cathartic.


  3. From here the challenge is less “what do I want to do?” and more “what can I do?” So long as a person remains vertical and active, there’s no telling what might be accomplished. My strategy now is to simply outlive the critics…


  4. It sounds to me like you’re doing a fine job of living your life now. I agree that it’s not necessary to do something grand but rather absorb the small, golden moments. I set goals and try to have something to look forward to at all times: a vacation, a visit with family, a golf outing, writing, a glass of wine at the end of the day.

    I had a latent desire to teach and my mother thought I’d make a good librarian. She was probably right. Nonetheless, after 30 years in the human resources field, I left it and am writing now. It’s hard, lonely, without recognition or income, yet more fun than I imagined.

    No need to go searching over the rainbow like Dorothy. Everything is right in your own back yard. Namaste.


  5. “I live in an area that means I am in commune with the land, the seasons and nature. Okay, sometimes that nature is snakes” – I love this!

    I’ve always had an idea of how I wanted to live my life, and knew that would mean making sacrifices early on (living in London instead of the countryside for example, until my work is stable enough that I can live anywhere without having to struggle). For me, it was that idea that made the difference. If you know what you want every little step you take, even sideways steps and backward steps, are going to be steps towards what you want. Jx


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