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Teaching really is an unexpected adventure. Today, I found myself covering for an absent teacher. It was a combined year 10,11 and 12 class of learning support students and the subject was Life Skills. The particular Life Skills lesson plan I was given to teach? Tattoos and Body Piercings! Not something I ever thought I would be teaching, but there you go, always expect the unexpected.

They had a video to view and a worksheet to answer. The learning intention was to consider tattoos and body piercings as art, culture and self expression. Also, to communicate that layering yourself with tattoos and body piercings may severely limit your choices in life as to employment opportunities and the possible consequences resulting from the reactions and opinions of other people.

These students have  very low levels of intelligence, life is a daily struggle, and they could easily be persuaded by peers to perhaps do something they might regret, so I suppose in some ways it was a lesson to try and get them to think about their choices, their actions, fashions and peer pressure.

What I admire about them is their openness, their honesty and their innocence. We had quite a fun double period discussing the issues, and formulating responses. It was a refreshing change from trying to get the more fortunate to be grateful for the skills they have and to apply them productively.


4 thoughts on “inky winky pinky

  1. I like this. The choices we make are ours to live with and so it’s doubly important we don’t bow to peer pressure. On a side note, tattoos can be placed so that no one sees them (mine are) and removal is quite effective now. Body piercings seem to me to be more cosmetic in that they really are for show – well most of them!


  2. I think this would be a topic that should be discussed in “regular” classes as well. I llok around and see all these young people (to put this into perspective, I’m 28) covered in tatts I sometimes wonder… First of all, if they have already covered every bit of skin when really what have they accomplished in life other than getting tatts? Second, doesn’t it mean anything anymore?
    I have tattoos. They were not spur of the moment decision. I had thought about it for over a year for each of them. They are all in places easily covered up, because I did them for ME.
    I completely agree with them being body art. On the same token, I sometimes look at the untouched skin of my friends and applaud them. I cannot undo my tattoos, nor do I want to, but I wonder how many of those 18-year-old bright minds might want to.


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