Go, Go, Easter Bunny.

librarian happy

We held a “Great Race” at school in which each home group had to follow a set of clues around the school to see who could stay together as a group and collect the most clues. The learning intention was communication and group work.

We worked to a plan in my home class. I read them the rules prior to the event, we elected a group leader who everyone knew they had to work with and group around, and I prepped them on working as a group. They were ready to run as soon as they were told Go!

There are 48 homes classes, and my home class came in fifth, which I think is a fantastic effort. I was so proud of them. Their reward was a handful of solid chocolate easter eggs each.

It has been a bit of a chocolate week. Yesterday the staff in our building threw a birthday morning tea in my honour (my birthday is next Monday, but we will be on holiday). Chocolate cupcakes! There was so much food and one has to have a piece of everything when one is the guest of honour. Maybe I should have completed the run with my home class instead of sitting in the shade and taste testing the chocolate eggs with the other teachers…

One more day and then Easter holidays!

librarian happy


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