hill and dale and this place we call home


Not a day goes by, on my drive to school that I don’t consider how lucky I am to have been born in this country. Okay, maybe not every day, most days. Well, maybe not most days even, but often, lots of days.

Today on my drive to work I contemplated how lucky I am to have been born in Australia.

I was driving over the and through the hills, a mix of heavy rain clouds and fog hugging hills, snaking low into and along ridges. It was a delicate and beautiful countryside and I get to live within it.

Just by an accident of birth, this is my land, this is where I can live safe and secure. I don’t have to fear that at any moment my life will be turned upside down and perhaps my family torn from me.

I wish others would remember this when they label others “illegal immigrants” or “boat people”. There but for good fortune could go any of us.


12 thoughts on “hill and dale and this place we call home

  1. Those who have some power but little sense of security are often too harshly judgmental, I think. They forget that not all are fortunate and that we are meant to love all our fellow men.


  2. I think everyone should live for a time outside their native land. It makes you appreciate your home, and also helps to see it clearly. Appreciation of your own slice of natural beauty is a very good start.


  3. Gorgeous photo!

    And I completely understand. I feel the same way when I see the mountains. Or the rolling grasslands. Or any number of other beauties of nature. I’m extremely lucky, too.

    (And I totally agree about the “illegal immigrant” nonsense. We were all illegal immigrants once.)


  4. As a visitor for 7 years I agree completely. The country is made up of immigrants and their descendants. Even the aborigines walked into the country across a land bridge. I love my England that much more after being there.


  5. Absolutely……and I agree with Doug. Every Australian should be encouraged to work or spend a year of school overseas….preferably in a third-world country. Most Aussies don’t know how well off they are.


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