raindrops and linen sheets

Woke at 7am, made breakfast for Augie Dog and myself, Mr FD still slumbering, then Augie and I went back to bed. I woke with a start at 11.30am, Mr FD still beside me. We had a lunch reservation for 12, a celebration for Mr FD’s birthday which is tomorrow – we were only five minutes late! Not that it really mattered as it was not at any michelin star restaurant, but the local pub. We ordered their fish platters, which had those lovely chips (fries) that were crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside.




The pub is popular with family groups and on this rainy Sunday was busy, noisy and stuffy. A cup of coffee and we were done. We drove home, my tummy working hard to digest the heavy fare.

So, what better place to digest than back in bed? I climbed back under the sheets and slept until 5pm, when I rose and fed Augie Dog again. I couldn’t face dinner.

A Sunday to be recommended to all.


3 thoughts on “raindrops and linen sheets

  1. What a lovely Sunday! I hope Mr. FD appreciated your efforts to make his pre-birthday a happy one.

    I’ve noticed that Australian chefs seem to prefer serving the shrimp whole, so you have to peel it in order to eat it. Being Japanese and raised to eat shrimp like that, I’m delighted—it tastes so much sweeter and fresher that way. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t fly in the US, where most diners have a horror of knowing where their food came from: that is, the fish should be completely cleaned with no head, skin, or tail showing; shellfish, particularly shrimp, has to be previously shelled and beheaded. Of course, that often means the shrimp is rubbery and tasteless by the time it reaches your table. It’s particularly disappointing in salads and the traditional “shrimp cocktail.”


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