Friday, raindrops and flowers

flowers 1

Overnight downpour had me searching online for road closures and flood warnings, and all seemed okay so I went to school. Midmorning I received an alert from niece who informed me a major flood warning had been issued for our area, so I made a very hasty exit from school and drove home.

Not sure what to expect, I quickly stopped at the supermarket and stocked up on bread, milk and chicken for Augie Dog (he eats dry food and chicken breasts – and toast!).

Luckily the rain had stopped so the creek levels peaked lower than expected, not that some people in lower areas weren’t impacted, but our road stayed open.

I was only home an hour or so when Minerva, my erstwhile assistant sent through a message to tell me that flowers had been delivered to the library for me. Daughter2 had arranged for flowers to be delivered to the school NEXT Friday for my birthday (not next Friday), just to give me the thrill of receiving flowers in the workplace and they had been delivered This Friday. Minerva has put them in the fridge to help keep fresh until Monday.

D2 complained and so the florist is providing more flowers next Friday. I shall have the admin secretaries all atwitter  at having two flower deliveries in a week. Hopefully, it won’t rain and I am there to receive them- it will be the last day of term too!


And yes, I do have the most wonderful children in the world. It is only to be expected.


4 thoughts on “Friday, raindrops and flowers

  1. Great post! Have you read The Language of Flowers? It tells the story of an emerging florist and what all the flowers mean, she has a gift for knowing just what type fit the occasion…this theme could stand alone, but the story is about so much more…


  2. My older daughter once sent me flowers at work. I loved going to the front desk to pick up my beautiful bouquet and being gawked at by the rest of the staff. I hope everyone at your school was green with envy, and will be more so when the second bouquet arrives!


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