country roads

car drive

Detours when driving in the city are often an irritation, but seldom take you far off  your intended path. In the country detours are of a different ilk.

Yesterday, there was a car accident that forced the closure of the highway I normally drive homeward. Police directed traffic onto a country side road and drivers were left to  their own inner compasses to make it to their journey’s end.

It was dusk, so fading light, very little signage and what there was was of no help to anyone unfamiliar with the area. It really was a case of praying that the car in front of you was heading to where you wanted to go! I think if I was prone to panic attacks I would have suffered one easily. I certainly felt anxious.

Every time a car turned off, I feared that maybe I was going the wrong way. Thirty minutes later I saw a sign for an area I thought might vaguely be nearing our Village. Luckily, it was.

So my usually forty minute drive home took more that seventy minutes.  Small wonder I woke with a headache this morning!



8 thoughts on “country roads

  1. When we go out for days in the car Gill (the other and somewhat better half) panics if we even seem lost or off the route…. so I don’t tell her. As long as I sound positive and call out landmarks when we get back on course she happily drives on.
    Ssh. Thats our secret.


  2. I know exactly what you mean. I had that experience last year when there was a car accident on the highway and traffic was detoured. I just followed all the cars in front of me and thankfully ended up in Bunbury!


  3. A number of the schools I drive to are located in semi-rural areas. If I ever had to leave the main road to the school, I would panic, as I would have no idea where to go. I generally have a good sense of direction, but I’ve also driven in the “right” direction, only to discover the road dead-ended in the middle of a pasture. Some suburban communities are no better: many of them are located so far away from the beaten path, you can’t even find a gas station where you can ask for directions. It’s why I make sure I always have my mobile phone when I leave for work, with the school’s number stored on my contacts list.


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