What a weekend it was, it was a weekend indeed.

ladies lunch

Saturday was lunch with two friends, a ladies who lunch occasion. This time around they ordered wine, but I had to order mineral water as I was driving into the city afterwards. One has had a traumatic few weeks, with her father lingering at death’s door, and her only child, a daughter, springing her wedding on her parents with only four hours notice and thinking there might not be any shock and repercussions.

Friend is seeing a counsellor to help with her current issues, but I think a few hours with FD and a sharing of some my life’s craziness, which resulted in much laughter for all, saw her was seeing things with a little more perspective. I hope so anyway.

city visit

Then it was on to the city and a sleep over play date with Petite Fille. Her parents went on a date night dinner while I babysat. Petite Fille slept through the whole evening and so had no idea that she had been abandoned to Grandma’s mercies. In the morning we sat on the floor and played and played and played. In fact she loves to play so much one of her first words was “play”.

There was one special moment that I hope I never forget, even when the dementia sets in. I was pushing Petite Fille in her swing on the back deck and her mother brought out bubble mix and blew bubbles, so that as Petite Fille swung through the air she swung through clouds of bubbles. Her pure joy in the moment was such a gift to share.

That is as good as it ever could be, and how good it was!



4 thoughts on “What a weekend it was, it was a weekend indeed.

  1. Health insurance should cover lunches with friends, as they are highly therapeutic and can save everyone the cost of anti-depressants and visits with psychiatrists. In fact, you ought to offer your services as a professional luncheon therapist, where for the price of lunch at a nice cafe or bistro, you will cheer the patient up and guarantee they will be laughing on their way out. Glass of wine is optional but suggested.


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