Happy Anniversary you little pig in mud


FD: “How many years are we married this week, dear?”

Mr FD: “Umm, umm, 1977…um, how many years is that…1980…my brain’s not working.”

FD: “Thirty seven.”

Mr FD : “What’s 37 years? Gold, silver, mud? Mud brick?”


11 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary you little pig in mud

  1. Don’t you just love him? There is no set gift for 37th anniversary, but jewelry is always nice. Actually Mr FD wasn’t too far off. The modern gift is something made of alabaster. Happy Anniversary. Lucy


  2. “What’s 37 years?” It’s a bloody long time FD, so congratulations to both of you on this anniversary.

    I’m sorry to be missing out on some of your posts but it seems Australia’s rural satellite system is overloaded and stuffed and no provider is accepting new customers until the end of 2015 when a new NBN satellite will be launched. My home internet is unworkable so I’ll have to compress a week’s worth of internetting into an hour when I come to town once a week. I guess if that’s the only complaint I have about the world then I’m traveling OK. πŸ™‚


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