flip a coin, name a snake

Another day, another snake, This one was sighted by Son, up on the orchard terrace behind the house, which is about two metres from the house, though up about a metre and a half. It was lying in the garden, devouring a toad, feet first. The toad was feet first in its mouth, snakes don’t have feet, silly! Apparently, it is unusual for snakes to devour something feet first, but who is going to tell it to do it differently?

Trying to identify it has led to a toss up between a venous snake and a non venous snake. Rough scaled snake,  highly venomous or  a keel back snake.

This is a keel back snake,. It is not a photograph of our snake, but it is eating the toad in the same way.

This is a keel back snake,. It is not a photograph of our snake, but it is eating the toad in the same way.

No one in this family is going to hang around to photograph a snake! Our bets are on the keel back.

Venomous Rough Scale Snake

Venomous Rough Scale Snake


Either way, Mr FD has “volunteered” to take the wet towels up to the clothes line once they are through the washing machine!


6 thoughts on “flip a coin, name a snake

  1. Well, it *is* australia – snakes are part of the landscape. I have some biologist friends who run abusiness relocating wildlife that gets to close and personal, so if the snakes gets too close, I can reccommend someone in Brisbane (I think I remember taht your are based thereabouts?)


  2. Just got back to the US from Oz and was relieved that I had no snake encounters! When quizzing a friend in Adelaide as to whether all of the snakes in Australia were poisonous, she smile and said (I believe she think she was comforting me) “Oh no, not the pythons!” Then I proceed to get news links from friends in Alstonville about pythons eating a crocodile and a pet dog. I would buy a clothes dryer!


    • It is bad this year, because of the drought in Qld. Strange, last year we were flooding, not we are in drought. I expected snakes when we moved, but not this many! Issues in the cites as well – someone just found a python curled up in their toilet bowl!


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