what is this I see before me?

fd paper

I read somewhere, that someone declared that no knowledge is ever wasted, and I believe I had such a moment today.

A third of the class had finished their task, but there were less than ten minutes left in the class, so I told them flamingoes were my favourite birds (who would have guessed!) and then performed my version of the flamingo mating dance (solo, without electrical appliance – see previous post) for them. Once they got over their astonishment at seeing Mrs FD dancing on tip toe across the classroom, I instructed them to go online and locate a clip of the actual dance. The excitement burst forth.

Then I asked them to research why flamingos turned pink (about five stated it was because they were sunburnt!) but they were to keep the answer secret and email it to me.

One of the best teachable moments of the week for me, and memorable for them I hope too – at least for the fact that even “mature” teachers can have fun with them.


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