Lessons with Grandpa


I had to go drive to the city for an all day workshop, so Mr FD drove in with me, and he spent the day with Daughter1 and Petite Fille. Petite Fille has decided that Grandpa is just the most amusing person (she is a baby, she can’t be held responsible for her views)  and spent her entire time laughing and playing with him.

Mr FD also tried to teach her a few things – how to screw a plastic screw top which she couldn’t quite master, being only 12 months old. His most successful lesson was showing her where the bum (butt, bottom, rear end) of her toy skunk was. That apparently was considered most entertaining and required frequent revealing.

Obviously Daughter1 was out of the room, or Grandpa might have had a lesson of his own!


4 thoughts on “Lessons with Grandpa

  1. I have to admit I laughed out loud too when I read about Mr. FD’s skunk anatomy lesson with your granddaughter. It’s nice he’s a get-down-on-the-floor grandpa instead of an old grump who thinks small children are a ding on his comfortable existence.

    Just curious: do you have to call for a substitute when you are unable to be on campus for a day? Or does Minerva fill in for you?


    • There is no teacher librarian substitute. Under our contracts we are required to do extra classes as required, but they do get in substitutes every day and usually they fill in for more than one teacher. So if I am away, I have to send in my lesson plan before 6.30 and someone will be rostered on for my class. Minerva is not qualified in anyway, though she knows her stuff after working there for over 8 years, so she can’t teach, she womans the circulation desk. If she is away, I cover her job and mine, and close the desk as required when I teach but as I teach in the library I still end up doing both things at once. If I went on long service leave they would advertise for a contract replacement.


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