red and silver, blue and lots of other colours!

Are you tired of me? I am tired of me. I  read back over many of my recent posts and I am just complaining. I know, all work and no play makes FD a complaining goddess. Time to lift the corners of my life and to give it a bit of a shake I think. Well, at least for today!

New Zealand Christmas Bush

New Zealand Christmas Bush

We have New Zealand Christmas Bush, a dwarf variety, growing in the garden outside our library and one afternoon last week I went out and cut pieces from the shrubs, knowing they were about to be pruned and brought them home. They have been sitting in water until this morning when I cut the pieces into cuttings, dug some compost out and planted the cuttings. They are now growing, I am positive they are already growing, it has been a whole twenty minutes, happily in our little green house. I was thinking of growing them into a hedge along the drive as they are easily pruned, and the understory cut to stop hiding spaces for snakes. At the moment the drive is lined by a shrub, that is perfect for snakes to lie in await amongst so we really need to remove it.

Fescue Gradd

Fescue Grass

Son had also bought some fescue grass seeds to plant in an area where the storm water runs down the hill, and a packet of Pyrethrum Daisy, so I planted those out too. Son is developing quite a green thumb and continuing the family love of gardening. He has created a rather complicated watering system with timers and has volunteered to keep the seedlings and cuttings moist. His Grandpa FD (my Dad) would have been so proud of him, not that he wasn’t, but he would admire the young man Son has become, which is nice to think as he is the only grandson on my side of the family!

Pyrethrum Mixed

Pyrethrum Mixed

Our garden receives very little water, except for rain, and a little grey water.  We are sited on the side of a slope. The soil is terrible – very little top soil and lots of rock underneath. Oddly enough, we live in an fertile farming area, known as a “salad bowl”. I like to think that the ancestors chose non fertile land for the town to save the good stuff for farming, but I know that is not quite true, as they followed the railway, and sited the town in a flood area, despite the original town site (before rail) being high and dry.

The large native trees have roots far out into the gardens and lawns, so there is competition for what little moisture there is, so we need plants that will, once established need little assistance. Hard yakka for any plant!


11 thoughts on “red and silver, blue and lots of other colours!

  1. Tired of you? Lord no. I see you as an “honest” blogger who types it as it it is. No gussying up and gilding. And I appreciate this sort of thing. I’m not trying to figure out what you’re saying. I’m just reading it … and laughing along with you a lot. Sometimes life dips and you have to vent. So vent – we have broad shoulders you know.


  2. Tired? One never tires of a goddess. It is not in my chemistry to blaspheme.

    I first read fescue grass as ‘rescue’ grass, and I thought ‘why not?’ Every living thing needs help at such point.

    I tried my hand at a green thumb: I recall turning over some soil – preparing to plant some herbs – when I saw in the dirt a tiny green worm. Not only did I immediately desert (i.e. run away from) that plot of ground, but that part of the yard as well. Never planted again. And I was not 5 years old.

    Blame bugs.


  3. I love your posts, but now that I am working in education again I appreciate them even more. You say what I think, but don’t dare say, and you do so with such wit.

    Teaching is such a draining profession, I am glad you have your home in the country to retreat to and a garden to tend and take pleasure in on your days off. You could improve the soil by spreading compost on it, but that’s probably a task you want to leave to your son and Mr. FD. Provided the latter is able to do it without stopping to ask you for advice every five minutes.


  4. No, I’m not tired of you!

    Even if that was a rhetorical question. 🙂

    And complain away! That’s what blogs are for! (And the scroll wheel, for that matter.)

    What gorgeous flowers!


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