on the seventh day She rested


Just when I was so ready to take out a hearty section of the school population, I was gifted with a couple of memorable moments. We launched the arts festival – students have 72 hours to make a short film  (5-7 min) that contains five of given fifteen items or phrases last night, and though we have officially only received eleven team entries those that were there were so motivated and excited that it was a joy and a gift to be part of it.

One of the students is in my home class, and normally so quiet, but he and his mate were full of talk and plans as they waited with me for the launch. It was hard to believe that this was the same boy. A lovely moment with him.

Another teacher and I stayed back until 8pm to assist students, and my companion teacher, a media teacher is going to be at school all weekend in the computer labs to allow students to mix and edit, as well as to give technical advice. He is a teacher of excellence, but at the age of 31 is almost to the edge of burn out. We need to appreciate such individuals and given them more time to plan and create lessons and projects. The student just adore him, and rightly so.

I was exhausted by the end of this week, and I just needed rest and QUIET, so late morning I slipped back to be and slept for a few hours. Windows closed, curtains drawn, air conditioner set at 24C and it was the peace I needed. Well, the peace came after a few interruptions from Mr FD who I think was just making excuses to burst through the door as he missed me…he probably wanted to annoy me, but I will choose to think he missed me.

Autumns in the air. It may be the two cyclones fermenting in north Queensland, but it is darker in the mornings, and cooler at the start and end of days. Still hitting around 30C daytime, but an improvement. Head office honchos came through with the Principal on Friday and I hear him making mention of the heat in summer, but fingers crossed for some form of cooling for next summer. Toes crossed too!


3 thoughts on “on the seventh day She rested

  1. Teaching is such an exhausting but very rewarding profession, isn’t it? Hope you get the cooling system. We never had one at my school in Johannesburg, and in summer I almost melted all over the piano, whilst in winter, my fingers froze themselves to the keys. 🙂


  2. I’m glad you were able to go back to bed for a refresher nap, after putting in an extra long day. I don’t think the general public realizes the amount of overtime (unpaid, at that) teachers put in to provide students with educational opportunities beyond the classroom. The young teacher who came to work on Saturday is a gift to his students, but the low pay and constant stress take a huge toll on professionals like him. Out here many younger female teachers quit the profession once they have children because they can no longer justify taking time away from their own little ones in order to teach students who can barely stir themselves to hand in their homework, let alone stay quiet enough to hear the instructions from the teacher.


    • Our daughter has quit her job to be home with Petite Fille. She taught at an elite school and she knew there was no way she could put in the long hours demanded and still have a family life. Babies should always win, but it should be a little easier. I worked from 7.15am to 8pm Friday. I always have the library open between 7.15 and 7.30 and that is my own decision, but I do wonder how many other people devote so many hours without overtime. We don’t actually get paid for holidays, our salary is averaged out over a thirty hour week.


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