Sunday – day of rest? Yeah, somewhere for someone.

choclate slice

Sunday morn, and I have just placed the fourth load of laundry in the machine, and one more awaits in the clothes basket. That is on top of the three completed yesterday. It’s catch up from the chaotic weekend last week, but still, that does seem a lot for just three people. The males in our house, ferment their dirty clothes for a week or a month and then all of a sudden a laundry mountain appears! They do or don’t do their own ironing, and putting back in drawers or cupboards, but I do the laundry most weeks. It is safer that way – too many traumatic memories of bleach in with coloured clothes!

Tomorrow is the birthday of one of my home class students, and so I have made a double sized chocolate slice to share with the class – extra duties as required. I threw in a few glace cherries to make it “exotic” but apart from that it is unchanged from the basic age old chic slice recipe. Any complaints and they will be asked what they are bringing next time!

So I am starting to wander where the rest in my day is going to come from… maybe a glass of wine with my sandwich at lunch?


17 thoughts on “Sunday – day of rest? Yeah, somewhere for someone.

  1. What a nice homeroom teacher you are! I don’t recall any of my teachers bringing anything in for my birthday. On my 8th birthday, I had to bring my own cupcakes to class.

    Men and laundry…. I’m still trying to forget the trauma of my husband putting my favorite hang-dry-only blouse into the clothes dryer with the bath towels and turning it on high heat. To this day, I can’t understand why I didn’t kill him on the spot.


  2. The chocolate looks yummy!

    Laughing at your men and laundry! : )
    One of my brothers is a good laundry helper and does his and lots of house laundry too!
    The pita brother thinks the clothes just appears on the rack outside his door like magic.
    We have a new washer machine and i don’t think he’s seen it yet!


  3. You are a great teacher! Most kids parents bring in the treats in the US to celebrate Birthdays. I never had that occur as my birthday is during the off time for school… I doubt you will get any complaints from anyone with the main ingredient being chocolate! Hope you have a lovely Sunday and Week.


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