The good, the bad, the ugly and the utterly surprising.

Lunch 1

It really has been an odd kind of week. It started with Petite Fille’s birthday and christening, highlighted by Daughter1 being taken by ambulance in the dead of night to hospital in extreme pain (all seems okay now).

Two lovely ladies that I hired when I was a book shop manager, sent me a text to say that they were going to get married and were off to Sydney’s Gay Mardi Gras this weekend. They did not know each other until I hired them independently, and though it was obvious the younger of the two was gay, we often wondered if she would ever act upon it. We weren’t sure about older friend, who appeared to be interested in males, but did nothing to encourage them and in many ways appeared more asexual than anything. Anyway, two people who needed someone, have found each other and that is wonderful.

Then my niece, my sister and BIL’s daughter, announced an unexpected fourth pregnancy. She will be forty this year and her youngest turned five a few month ago. Surprise!

All the kaffules at work with Minerva and THAT WOMAN as the selfish teacher is now called. Then the venue for a visiting author was changed overnight to the library which meant when we arrived at work on Friday morning, all the book stacks and furniture had to be moved to accommodate an entire year level for her presentation.

I let it be known to both Principal and Deputy that it was a hell of a lot of work to do for an hour’s presentation, but they said they would help. They did, in the morning, but though they had promised to return at event’s end to help us return the library to its proper functions they were no shows. Even after I rounded up the Deputy and he said he would be over in a few minutes. Minerva and I, and two of the IT guys, one only just back from months off work after a motorcycle accident moved it all back. Well, they did most of the work, as I had a class to supervise in the library at the same time.

I was so angry as this happens every time. They are all enthusiastic at the beginning of the day, but when the time comes to return everything to its place, they are all no shows. I sent out an staff wide email thanking Minerva, and the two guys for their work and within minutes the Principal phoned to say “we were just coming over when we read your email.” Sometimes the things you would really like to say…

The author was superb though, and I did get to share lunch with her afterwards. She had the students so quiet and attentive as she told her story of growing up Asian in Australia, that it was a worthwhile endeavour. They study her book in year eleven. An incredible young woman.

Friday was SON’s birthday. Today, Daughter1, Mr Boy and Petite Fille joined us for lunch at a local pub. I always order my steak well done, no blood running for me. However, today was the first time that my steak arrived burnt, charcoal edged. Lesson learnt. Petite Fille took a couple of steps while she was here, but was way too interested in playing with Augie Dog (through the window as he is too big to be let free around a small child) to think about walking.

So, all in all a really odd week. The good, the bad, the ugly and the utterly surprising.


8 thoughts on “The good, the bad, the ugly and the utterly surprising.

  1. I’ve never heard of the author you hosted at your library: I’ll have to add her to my Goodreads list and see if I can find a copy of one of her books here in the US.

    (It’s really awful, but there seems to be a dearth of Australia-published books here. Amazon carries them, but they tend to be pricier than US books. Our public library doesn’t carry any of the author’s books in its collection, so I guess I’ll have to use that as an excuse to buy a copy.)

    It was ever thus, regarding people coming back to clear and put away after an event. At the homeless shelter where I sometimes volunteer to fix dinners, I’ve noticed everyone wants to cook, but nobody wants to do the washing up or mop the floors or take the garbage to the dumpster. Same with our library’s used book sale: everyone wants to come early and sit at the sales table, but nobody wants to stay afterwards to box up the unsold books, wipe and fold up the tables, and load the boxes into the truck going to the central warehouse. It’s hard, heavy work, and there’s no glory in doing it since the public has long since gone home. I’m glad you shamed the principal with your email. Though for next time, the stick is quicker and much more satisfying.


    • No doubt he will extract his pound of revenge flesh, but we told them before the event that this is what happens every time, and we are too old to do it any more… I am going to make sure the risk management documents get filled in properly in the future (I suspect they aren’t at all now!)


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