a pea souper with a silver lining

Fickle FInger of Fate

The weekend didn’t help. Saturday was a productive day, whizzed through the domestic chores including numerous loads of laundry. Sunday, I didn’t change out of my pjs all day. I even took, or tried to take an afternoon nap. I was deep in slumber until Mr FD burst through the bedroom door as though he was about to announce that we had won the lotto and the Queen was at the door, all in one breath, but it was merely to ask how to access my pay slip (again!). End of nap.

Monday. Well, walking to the kitchen Monday morning I caught sight of a large ibis wandering about our lawn. That was a treat, though I know ibis can become pests, but surely one is safe. Or do they move in pairs? Flocks?

After that it was the day that would never end. I covered my ICT class and then had to cover a double period of ICT for an absent colleague. As they were grade 8 and had only just been handed their laptops at the end of last week, there were NUMEROUS issues to sort out. Did I mention that there were NUMEROUS issues to sort out? Once again, if only they would listen. Parents if you can’t teach your children well, at least teach them to listen.

Minerva asked me what was wrong. “Are you sick, tired?” All I could say was “In a mood, a blue mood.” No rhyme or reason for it, I just am. Maybe it is anxiety, maybe it is depression. In the end, I answered that I thought the chemicals in my brain were wantonly mixing their own soup.

I think I will pack my stick tomorrow, maybe a few luckless victims will make me feel tolerably happy. The exercise thwacking them will be good for me, at least. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.




pea souper :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pea_soup_fog


7 thoughts on “a pea souper with a silver lining

  1. Bleargh, I’ve also been stuck in the blues mood for longer than I like now – but it’s slowly improving. Try moving about, getting some fresh air and maybe going places you don’t usually go and see if shaking the habits around a bit might help? If you find a wonder cure, let me know 😉


    • Hey, HG, your account is moderating my comment!
      Just to let you know.
      And, hey, what did a poor innocent pillow ever do?
      She can practice on the Year Eights.
      And let the rest of the world beware.


      • I just approved your comment. I don’t know why it was placed in moderation. Did you change your email address with WordPress?

        The problem with whacking students is that they are so noisy. Their screams are such a distraction, it prevents one from taking satisfaction in a well-aimed hit.

        (If this comment shows up in a NSA search, guys, it’s just satire.)


  2. A good solid thwacking out to provide an effective aerobic workout.
    I’ve heard exercise is good to raise your mood.
    So two bird with a single stone – as long as you don’t get the ibis by mistake.


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