why I love my dog, but do not always like him

bathroom 1

This is not my bathroom. My bathroom is better.

Saturday morning and I was mopping the black and white floor tiles in our bathroom. I had completed around the shower and cabinet area and had turned my attention to the area around the spa bath, task almost completed, when I turned around and caught Augie Dog performing his version of the dance routine to Singing in the Rain, behind me.

Big brown paw prints all over the white tiles.I was ready to mop the floor with him…


9 thoughts on “why I love my dog, but do not always like him

  1. Oh, the Darlings!
    I have a hard time mopping or running the vacuum. …..anything, really, because it is so quickly undone. Ah, well, better my furkids than House Beautiful!


  2. That doesn’t seem so bad – Chicken Little wees on our bathroom floor. She does it when my daughter aggravates her, she gets all upset then next thing you know there’s a wee on the floor or the bath mat.


  3. Lovely white fluffy Habibi kitty goes into the bathroom, climbs into the litter box, and carefully pees over the side onto the floor.
    Then digs furiously into the litter to try to cover it in the box, scattering litter over the whole floor.
    We still love her, but there are times it isn’t all that easy.


  4. Would Augie like the company of Kebba, our giant pig dog during our wet season? Mrs GOF is ready to give her away. Red mud prints the size of dinner plates.


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