a missive from Frankenstien’s reject

teacher tired

It is a forty week school year this year, with four terms of exactly ten weeks. First week over means 39 weeks to go until summer 2014 long vacation! Yes, we are counting.

Minerva and I also handle book hire, so we have to loan out all textbooks to just under one thousand students. We have the process down now that we can get a class of 28 students through the doors, and as long as they have some form of ID (they also can’t locate their school IDs after the holidays!) and no computer issues arise, through the borrowing process in 7 minutes! The entire class! We are lean, mean loaning machines!

We have been booking in four classes per period, and then there are massive amounts of password resets that we perform during break periods for all those students who can’t remember their passwords. I told one yesterday that he was obviously not going to ever know when his Alzheimer’s sets in as he is not doing well now at the age of 16! So reassured, oldies, it is not only you that can’t remember all your passwords!

We tell them, and even help them to set secret questions so that they don’t have to come to us to reset, but they are lazy. Another suggestion I make is to have a sentence, such as My Favourite Colour is Blue and use the letters MFCB as their password, but they are too lazy again.

In all, it means Minerva and I have been shovelling food into our mouths between class movements, and sprinting for the loo when nature can no longer be denied. Another week and it should settle down. Should.

I was annoyed that I finished the week with a eye infection, well more of an eye socket infection, a hazard with artificial eyes. I tried to make a doctor’s appointment after school on Friday, but that latest I could obtain was 1.30 so it meant leaving Minerva to handle lunch at the circulation desk, and processing books in the last period alone. She was understanding, especially as I was starting to look like Frankenstien’s reject as my eye lids started to swell, but I still feel guilty. I can’t bake her muffins or give her chocolates as she is on a diet (and has lost about 20kgs using a home delivery diet service and walking).

I hate guilt. Surely I should feel that my sincere apology, and the fact that both eye infection and doctor’s schedule are out of my control, is enough, but still the familiar feelings of guilt and letting someone down make me feel evil. Damn guilt, damn that catholic upbringing!


16 thoughts on “a missive from Frankenstien’s reject

  1. Oh goodness, don’t feel guilty if you have an eye infection. It’s not like you were plotting to get one in the middle of the busiest time of the new semester. If it assuages your conscience, write a little “thank you for covering for me” note and promise her lunch out, or enclose a gift card from a coffee shop. Coffee has no calories as long as Minerva’s not the kind who order extra large cappuccinos or dumps a pint of cream and a couple of tablespoons of sugar into her cup. (I knew too many people in the Midwest who did that. I used to cringe at the sight of them ruining a perfectly good cup of coffee that way.)

    Hope you feel better soon, FD.


    • I like the coffee card idea, or maybe a bottle of wine as she likes a tipple on the weekend – don’t we all! When I worked in book shops the women always order skinny cappuccino with their multilayer fattening cream cakes!


  2. You have artificial eyes! Cool.
    Anything else? You could have a date stamp implanted in your finger tips.
    Do the artificial eyes spy out Library Sleepers and Feet on Chairs and notify you with a frantic beeping in your head?
    Truly a 21st Century Librarian……


    • How did you miss the artificial eye? Have you been sleeping in class again? Some might place you on the stick list for non attention, but I am feeling kind tonight… Actually I am walking around like Pirate Pete tonight with an eye patch. I sent Mr FD off for a patch so I could be seen by my adoring fans without said eye for a day or two, and he came home with a plastic number in basic black. I was hoping that they came in more feminine colours, but it appears the selection was black or black. He bought three so that he and Son could wear them too if I felt out of place, something like when all the family shaves their hair off to comfort a cancer sufferer! I think that is true adoration, or as close as Mr FD can give!

      I am waiting for a virtual eye that lets me watch TV as I walk around – no need for silly looking glasses!


      • My devotion to your blog has obviously blinded me (hehe) to this detail. Hey, you could throw it up in the air to see what’s on top of the wardrobe!
        Have you considered buying a parrot?


        • Oh yes the parrot was an option when it all first transpired, but they shit all over one, and I wasn’t sure if that was quite the style I wanted to cultivate. I always tell Mr FD that I will “keep am eye out for you”.


  3. As far a guilt goes, I understand it is bred into Jews and Puritans as well. You either have some or you are obliviously selfish and not worth keeping in the gene pool.


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