All good things come to an end… why?


This week is back to school for teachers. Wednesday is the first official day, the first of four pupil free day until our first students return Wednesday 29th. Monday 27th is the official Australia Day holiday, so at least there is a three day weekend to look forward too.

Should I add to my own misery and state that we can expect 39C on Wednesday, and let’s all remember, the library has NO air conditioning? Sigh, double sigh. I have air conditioning at home, so why I can’t I stay home?

Today, I have to drive into the city for a committee meeting. We are planning a series of teacher librarian days throughout the year. I volunteered to be on this year’s committee, in one of those rare moments when I forget I am an introvert, and don’t do nice for long. The team leader is a lovely,lovely lady so I think her presence is what may have motivated me to hit the “me, me!” button.

So, second last day of holidays and I lose most of the day driving around a hot city, not to mention the “holiday head” having to think! ¬†Oh joy.


3 thoughts on “All good things come to an end… why?

  1. Oddly, when I was in school the library was the only air-conditioned room in the school! They just thought we were all being studious during our lunch hours …

    The 29th is my birthday, so you can celebrate it with the return of the hordes!


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