A fashion leader of distinction.

Suzy Parker in Chanel, 1956.

In the first flush of my summer vacation, I culled some of the clothing in my closet and donated them to charity. There is a charity bin at a near by church and I dropped the bags off there.

Walking down the main street of our Village this week, I happened by the “Thrift Store” and there, as the front window display were many of the clothing items I had discarded!

It is one thing to donate one’s clothes, but to actually see them on display as the window draw card is a whole different experience!


I had a similar experience about fifteen years ago when I donated a very 1970s red polka dot blouse, only to see one of my co-workers wearing it a month or two later. She was so proud of her vintage find! I could never bring myself to inform her that she was wearing my cast off; but I did say that I thought it was a beautiful blouse!

Poor dears, the clothing will always look better on me


7 thoughts on “A fashion leader of distinction.

  1. Hysterical! You obviously have good taste, and take excellent care of your clothing. I’ve given recently several pairs of pants to my cubicle mate who makes extra money on eBay. At first she was annoyed, but then she found my size really sells well. Ha ha ha


  2. A couple of years back I gave a bunch of my recently departed Mum’s clothes to a support group for women living with HIV… one of the projects operating from my work.
    Mum was a fashionable and snappy dresser and her clothes where immaculate and ageless…so I was sure there would be something to suit all tastes…. but you can imagine my horror when I saw my colleague (the co-ordinator of the group) arriving at the office wearing some very familiar and much loved items. True to say my relationship with this particular woman was all downhill since.


  3. I might have to contact you one day about these hand me downs……I’m given to believe that sometimes men of my vintage decide to change their colours….so to speak.


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