WARNING: you are going to be oh so jealous! YES YOU ARE!


The past two days have been just delightful. I drove into the city early Monday morning to spend time with Daughter1 and her family. Petite Fille is almost eleven months now and is our sunshine. She no longer acts shy with me when I first arrive, and appears to have me firmly in her brain as “Grandma” as she crawled straight to me, and put her arms up to be lifted for a cuddle.

While her Mummy was having a blood test, Petite Fille and I went to the pet shop and watched three little puppies through the store front window. She cooed with delight, and before long we had a number of older people watching her, watch the puppies. She makes friends wherever she goes (obviously one area where she does not take after this Grandmother!).

Augie Dog, our other baby, scored a new industrial strength toy during the visit too. He is 38kg now and so finding a toy he can’t love to death is not easy. We are hoping the “guerrilla” kong on a rope will survive a day or two!

A stop for lunch at the sushi train, and Petite Fille was most insulted that she was not allowed any of the food going by. In the end she settled for a slice of lemon from a plate and ate it, as well as a second slice. Lemon! The child is not given sugar of any kind, all her food is home cooked and organic, and lemon was a thrill!

Petite Fille may have returned home with a pair of maracas… and we may just have shook, shaked and danced our way all the way back to the car. We have both put in an order for tall, fruit laden hats for our next performance.


Then, next morning, Daughter1 and I had massages by a superb masseuse who came to the house. And hour of pure bliss. I flowed like molten chocolate off the massage table at the end of the session. Life doesn’t get much better than that!


Arriving back home in the country, SON presented me with a new laptop! He has decided that I needed updating, and my existing lap top, trusty and loyal though it has been, was no longer quite up to meeting my needs, so he purchased a laptop, set it up with my passwords (we have no secrets in this family!) and even transferred all my files and photos. How good is that? VERY GOOD!

This is not me, and it is not Augie Dog, but you get the idea! (We are both better looking, and I more glamorous as well!)

This is not me, and it is not Augie Dog, but you get the idea! (We are both better looking, and I more glamorous as well!)


9 thoughts on “WARNING: you are going to be oh so jealous! YES YOU ARE!

  1. I really like your writing; this sounds like it was an amazing day.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I’m doing the sunshine award thingie and I nominated you! If you want to play along, please go to my blog to see the rules (http://wp.me/p49wMr-7Q). If you don’t want to, that’s cool too; just keep being awesome.


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