Things for adults to do in the bath.

bath 1

Let’s get the obvious activities listed:

Wash your naughty bits

Wash someone else’s naughty bits

Have that person wash your naughty bits.

bath Mr FD


I prefer to bathe alone. Then I can get down to the good stuff!


Hum a good hum.

Close your eyes and float.

Roll over and submerge your face to just under your eyes and pretend you are a hippo lurking.

Submerge your feet under the water and bet on which one will slip up the slippery end of the bath first.

Pretend your fingers are fish and swim them about the bath.

Allow the toes of one foot to just emerge above the surface, and pretend the toes of the other foot are crocodiles hunting the first foot.

Float to the end of the bath until your knees bend, then push off from the end of the bath and make a wave.


Clean up the mess before the kids find out.

batth 1


8 thoughts on “Things for adults to do in the bath.

  1. Love it!! I would add lying on your back and putting your head under the water until it laps around the corners of your eyes (you will need to bend your knees to do this). Because of the loss of traction on the bottom of the bath you will float a bit, so the game becomes getting that optimum float/balance/don’t get the water in your eyes or over your nose combo going on. It’s even better when there are bubbles because you don’t always know where the surface of the water is. Living life on the edge!!


  2. Fill the bath so that when you’re fully submerged the level is above the overflow then lie really still until the loudly whooshy sound when it starts to drain out.
    One of the two best places to think, the bath.


    • I like to turn the lights off and just have a scented candle and meditate for a few minutes. Nice now that the children are grown and I don’t have to fear world war 14 breaking out on the other side of the bathroom door!


  3. We weren’t allowed to have baths at home when we were kids due to lack of water so I used to love going to Nans because she’d let me have a bath in her big pink tub. I had waist length hair and used to love lying back so just my face was uncovered and letting my hair float out all around me. Nan would come in every now and talk to me to ask if I was okay and I liked how her voice seemed to come from somewhere else. Can’t stand baths now – I get bored after a couple of minutes.


    • We had a pink bath! My parents didn’t install a shower until after I left home! My daughters had long hair too and they did the same thing in the bath. Daughter2 would wash her hair every night just so she could do that when she was little! The smallest things bring back the best memories!


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