romance for the escapist

couple 1

Mr FD and I had a date night, well, more like a date afternoon that went into the evening. We don’t like to be out too late. No reason, really, we just like to be on the sofa or the bed in the evenings. Not that we called it a “date”, in fact Mr FD told SON we were “Going to the pictures” just to show how rare an occasion it was, and something of his vintage.

We went to an afternoon viewing of The Hobbit 2. Mr FD has been asking to see it ever since it opened, and he realised the DVD wasn’t under the Christmas tree (even a Flamingo Dancer can’t make some things happen!) So, I promised him that if he was a very good boy, and didn’t irritate me too much I would agree to accompany him to watch the movie. As my payment I got a choc top. a chocolate choc top.

choc top

I can’t remember the last time I ate a choc top, let alone a choc top at the movies. Can you actually buy them anywhere else but at the movies?

So armed with my sugar load of a choc top and a frozen coke we embarked on a couple of hours escapism. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I read the book many years ago, so only have a vague recollection of the story, but expected a long drawn out war fight story as it is, but there were elements of humour that made it fun for me. Mr FD commented that he thought it was a better movie than the first.

After the movie, and the dash for the bathroom post exit, Mr FD suggested dinner. Never one to knock back a meal I don’t have to prepare, I agreed. We both ordered steaks with a creamy prawn sauce. Delicious!

We were home by 8.15pm, a very acceptable hour for me. I need my beauty sleep…


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