how horrors can become motivation, or what is that I see before me?

glasses 1

Woke up with the horrors due to the realisation that the RETURN TO SCHOOL looms closer every day, and all those things I was going to do, are as yet undone. I have had some lovely naps though!

So down to the village centre to choose new eye glasses. A couple of times I have bounded into optometrists for an eye examination, been handed a script for new glasses and then found that their range of glasses didn’t exactly thrill me, but out of a sense of, “oh you did my eye exam I should buy the glasses here too” settled for a pair.

This time I wised up – a bit of a slow learner as I have been wearing glasses since the age of 14! My first pair a John Lennon influenced pair  which I still have in a drawer somewhere. I digress.

This time I vowed that I would choose the glasses and only when I was satisfied they had the goods would I make an examination appointment. I went to the local, and only optometrist in the village, with a very faint belief that they would have what I imagined I wanted. We believe in buying local as much as possible, otherwise we won’t have the convenience of those stores when we are older and less inclined to drive to other towns.

I bowled in and told the assistant my nefarious plan, and that I was looking to be a face with glasses, not glasses with a face. Within minutes she had zeroed in on exactly when I imagined I wanted, and hark the angels!, they actually looked fantastic on me, even if I say so myself, and I do! The frames could also support graduated, transitional lenses as well! Then she showed me a pair of sunnies that could get similar treatment (I drive into the sun both to and from work each day) and my life was complete. I have an appointment for the eye test tomorrow.

glasses tinted

Then onto the local and only shoe store, and amongst all the return to school shoes I found two pairs of black shoes suitable for work. It was a good day to shop local.

Little over an hour later I had ticked glasses, shoes and groceries off the list and I was back in the garage “asking” Mr FD to “assist” in unloading groceries.

I still have the horrors at going back to work though. I was meant for a much more genteel life…


3 thoughts on “how horrors can become motivation, or what is that I see before me?

  1. Good-looking eyeglass frames are hard to find, so I’m glad you were able to find a nice pair on the first try. I do know how you feel about going back to teach after a long, comfortable break. Students ought to know that teachers aren’t any happier about vacation being over, either.

    I was wondering—if it so horribly hot where you are, won’t the classrooms be too uncomfortable for students and teachers? Or is the building air conditioned?


  2. Wishing gentility of life upon you, dear Goddess!

    Congratulations on your glasses success – did you go retro? Modern? Dying to know, but perhaps I shouldn’t; it would be refreshing to give my imagination free rein after its long vacation.


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