Would a rose smell as sweet?

Augie Dog discovered it first. He found something terribly interesting in the corner of his play yard, and a not too close inspection by SON and his nose revealed the smelly reality that the grease trap had overflowed.

We live on the outskirts of a county town, and though the high school is just a couple hundred metres down the hill, we are not connected to the town’s sewerage system. We have a grey water and a septic system. The grease trap flows into the grey water which in turn flows onto our lawns and gardens. It is a system that works well…usually.

The real estate agent suggested that we clean the grease trap out every month or so, and the septic a couple of times of year. Mr FD adheres to his own maintenance program, which is wait until something breaks and then pay someone to fix it!

Of course the grease trap chose the weekend to overflow. Luckily it wasn’t yesterday during the 44C heat. It only reached a high of 35C so out SON and Mr FD went to scope out the situation. Mr FD has some experience in these matters having lived in Brisbane as a child before the city was sewered.

SON and what appears to be a headless MR FD and their new favourite buddy, the grease trap!

SON and what appears to be a headless MR FD and their new favourite buddy, the grease trap!

After about 20 minutes, Mr FD came through the house on his way to retrieve a tool from the garage. From my air conditioned comfort in the living room I heard him muttering to himself, “Let’s move to the country. What a great idea!”

Not long afterwards I felt a slither of sympathy for them, and took out some cold drinks. Son was on his knees cleaning out the trap, while Mr FD provided his advice and opinions from the comfort of a wicker chair in the shade! His defence was that he was exhausted from sweating!

SON did the best he could with limited knowledge, and in intense heat, but we all decided that it is a job for the professionals. It is the original system from 1986 so I can hear the kerching! of the repair bill already.

I guess we should be grateful that it didn’t happen over Christmas when we had a house filled with family, but just occasionally it might be nice to have a moment or two with a couple dollars in the bank!

Now we have to keep Augie our of his yard as he goes straight for the overflow area. The smell is putrid, as expected, so the windows would be shut even if it wasn’t due to the heat! I bet the grass grows well in that area later though!

In the meantime, to stop more water overflowing, the dishwasher and the washing machine, which we found was also connected to the grey water system,  are banned.

I thought it might be a great excuse to order take out Chinese to save piling up pans and saucepans, but when I tried to phone through an order, I discovered they are closed for a couple days, which often happens around this time of year, when businesses assume everyone is at the beach on holiday. Bit tough though when it is the only take out in town, except for a greasy spoon that cooks everything in what must be a combinations of lard, beef fat and mutton oil that reappears through your pores within moments of digesting.

Tough times in the country!


3 thoughts on “Would a rose smell as sweet?

  1. I think these things happen sometimes in an attempt to humble us – to remind us that we don’t have as much control as we think we do. “I’ll show you!” Hopefully your challenge won’t last too long.

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  2. Oh dear, FD! I don’t suppose a chemical de-clogger won’t work, would it? A friend who lives in the country would periodically throw some enzyme cleaner into her grease trap to keep it working. When that failed, she would send her husband out with a plumber’s snake, regardless of what the weather was like outside. (“It was his idea to live in the country!”)

    I can’t believe the Chinese takeout would be closed—here, they’re the only places open over the holidays where one can get decent food.


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