Australia… the roasted side of life


44 Celsius yesterday. 111.2 in the old language. Hot. Nothing to be done but to shut every window and door, crank the air conditioner down, down, down and keep any movement, or effort to a minimum.

Opening a door resulted in a rush of furnace hot air. 2013 was Australia’s hottest year since records commenced. 2014 is obviously a competitive little year and out to best that record.

For the past few days the nightly news has been filled with clips of people in outback areas of Queensland frying eggs on roadsides and footpaths. I suggested to Mr FD that he go outside and fry an egg or two on the driveway and I would film him for YouTube and he didn’t even reply, merely gave me a look that clearly expressed that he thought I was more than a little touched by the sun. You expect me to move?

Even Augie Dog refused to go out for even the quickest toilet break. His favourite position was lying belly side up on the couch, only raising his head if he though food was being moved in the kitchen. He scored an ice block or two for what effort he did exhibit – allowing me to lift his head and place the ice block next to his mouth.

Fruit bats were dropping dead out of trees in one country town. Recently the townspeople were calling for a cull because the town was besieged by bats, now they die of natural causes (?) and they complain that there are dead bats everywhere. Some people are never satisfied!

And summer is obviously an overachiever!

bath 1


7 thoughts on “Australia… the roasted side of life

  1. It sure is interesting to hear from the other side of the globe! We are all about to be turned into ice blocks up here! Lol!
    Stay cool and we will stay warm. Maybe together we can balance the planet!


  2. My older daughter and son-in-law in New York would be happy to trade with you, buried in snow as they are! Living in an area that gets +100 degree F. summers, I sympathize, however. You probably know the drill by now: stay in an air-conditioned room and venture out as little as possible; keep hydrated and wear light-colored cotton clothing; do nothing that requires physical exertion, especially outdoors. Augie seems to have mastered that quite well. Take care, FD!


  3. Enjoyable read, and I can quite understand about not wanting to move unless absolutely necessary. We are going to hit 39degC today, but have the welcome relieft of low 30s, before having three days straight of 39degC and above. We don’t have airconditioning, but house is ok for 2-3 days. Look forward to more posts in 2014.


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