Sound of my Australian summer – the cicada insect

This video was taken in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, but it is exactly the sound track to our summer days here in Queensland. The hotter the day the louder they seem to be – all day!

The narration would go as follows:

“Oh listen the cicadas are singing!”

“Isn’t this wonderful! The sound of the cicada reminds me of all the summers of my childhood!”

“They are still singing! How many hours has it been now?”

“Another beautiful day – and the cicadas are singing again!”

“I wonder how many cicadas are out there?”

“They’ve been singing for a  week now!”

“Do they have a natural predator?”

“Now, that I think about it, I think my Dad used to spray them…”

“Shut those bloody things up!”

“I am going out to kill the cicadas, I may be some time…”



10 thoughts on “Sound of my Australian summer – the cicada insect

  1. The only thing that might possibly be more irritating is a cricket in the bedroom at 2 am. I don’t understand why I can’t find it; I’m sure it’s using a microphone and an amplifier!


  2. Ha ha, we heard the sound of a kookaburra today here in Leeds, though sadly they are kept in large cages at Lotherton Hall (probably saying, let me out, I want to go HOME!). Happy New Year FD, keep on blogging. And keep on encouraging our blogging friend Sara, she is the loveliest of ladies.


    • We have a resident kookaburra who I am sure laughs at me when I am head down bottom up gardening.
      Sara is incredible. I often think of her and send her positive thoughts! A woman of strength and wisdom.


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