bubble 2

I spent the evening with both daughters and delightful granddaughter, though she was in bed by 7pm. We ate Chinese takeaway and watched a movie before toddling off to bed at 9.30. We all figured the New Year would be there for us in the morning and it was!

Daughter2 flew back to Perth this evening, and it will be the end of February before we see her again. It is nice to have met her lovely Beau and to know that she has a supportive partner with her across the other side of the country. He told D2 that he liked her Mum (moi!) and she asked “Why” which may have been a dangerous question. His reply?

“You family is crazy, but your Mum just bubbles along on top of it all!”

I am taking it as a compliment!


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    • True! She has never brought a boy home before and was absolutely terrified he would think we were mad, mad, mad and run for the hills. All reports so far is that he is hanging in, but maybe at this stage he thinks they are on opposite sides of the country to us!


      • With me.. the ‘sometimes’ has a lot to do with how much I let myself.. or have to.. care.. close remains so for when I am friends with someone I am agreeing, in honorable fashion, to put up with their ‘personal socials’ as we muddle through.. or skip gracefully.. hope is always for a peaceful latter.. or ladder in a land of tall affable women.. family.. a little closer on the same hand bears watching for there is no escape.. :-).. Peace Tony


  1. I think “just bubbling along on top of it all” is the very best way to handle life! An affirmation that you are, indeed, the Flamingo Dancer!

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  2. I was never brave enough to take girlfriends home. My lot would definitely scared them off. It’s a testament to my good lady that she tolerates them now!
    “Bubbling along on top”. I like that.


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