A family moment to remember

Christmas Norma3

Staying the night with Daughter1 and Mr Boy, we huddled in front of the television as D1 wrote Christmas cards. D1 had chosen lovely cards which three little birds on the front to symbolise their little family. Her plan was to enclose a Christmas photo of Petite Fille, but it soon became apparent that the photo was too large for the envelope.

The cards had been selected with too much care to discard and to purchase larger envelopes was an expense that the budget didn’t stretch too, so using the ingenuity that she had inherited from her divine mother (moi!) she purchased some cheap supermarket cards with envelopes of the appropriate size. Problem solved.

There was the issue of extra unwanted cards from the cheap pack. I suggested that they be kept for Petite Fille to cut and glue for craft in a year or two and we chatted about that for a moment or two. Then Mr Boy suggested “We write, best wishes, Ian and Joyce, on every card and drop them into mailboxes up and down the street”.

Silence fell on our group as we all envisioned the ensuring mayhem, as family after family scratched their heads trying to fathom who the hell Ian and Joyce were. We were all getting our Big Jolly for the week as we savoured the thought.

I am so proud. My daughter has chosen a man who excels in evilosity! Just think what levels he can achieve after a few more years under my tutelage? My life is blessed indeed.


6 thoughts on “A family moment to remember

  1. Thanks you to Mr Boy for such an inspirational idea, variations upon which I intend to wreak upon my local community during 2014…….I desperately needed a new interest like this to occupy my retirement spare time.


  2. Oh, Not sure…are you being sarcastic when you call it evilosity? (I am kinda dense that way…).
    I think it is a genuinely lovely idea…no? I might actually do it. Buy new year cards and drop it off at random people’s houses.


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