Sleeping with a stranger

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There is a different man in my bed. Well, the same, but different.

Perhaps I should start at the very beginning?

Mr FD has been diagnosed with sleep apnoea. He now has a CPAP machine. The type of sleep apnoea he experiences means that he needs a full face mask. This is where the change of man comes in.

Mr FD has a beard. He was clean shaven when we first met, but like a lot of university students during the 70s, he let his beard grow during exam period. Luckily, he didn’t neglect other habits such as showering during this time, or there may never have been a first date! His new girlfriend, the love of his life as it turned out (yes, me!) liked the beard (hey, it was the 70s, and there was a slight double chin, damn his English genes) and so the beard became Mr FD.

Picture No. 10102852a

He did shave it off many years ago when all the children were babies, but they didn’t recognise him and ran to Mummy, and his work colleagues made such a fuss that he instantly grew it back. It takes Mr FD about three and a quarter hours to grow a full beard, so not a hard thing to do!

I sent a text to the children announcing the farewell tour of Dad’s beard, only to receive a return chorus of “Oh no! Can’t something else be done?” but as I replied, for his health, and more importantly mine, some things must just be borne.

Mr FD has a birthday

It is a little bit of a pity really, as we had a complete set of beared men. Son has a beard, as does son-in-law, Mr Boy and the new man joining the family, Daughter2’s Beau also sports a beard. Now, Mr FD will be the bare faced one.

I guess I could always skip a waxing session or two…not quite the same thing though, is it?


7 thoughts on “Sleeping with a stranger

  1. He could have just shaved the parts of his face where the mask will actually make contact.

    But the more pressing issue is – will this do away with his talking in his sleep? If he does, will you be able to hear him?


  2. Oh no!
    The messages from deep sleep must not be lost!
    Sad about the beard too, but maybe he can manage the perpetual 5:00 shadow effect by spreading out the shaving?
    I gather it is a very hip look, or maybe that was Miami Vice circa 1990?
    I’m not very hip.
    So it is a nighttime chthulu-look, with tubes and all?


  3. I use a C-PAP as well, but seem to be doing okay with a nasal pillow mask, so shaving off the facial hair is not required. But as far as adjustments– well, my father had a moustache for many, many years and then he got a church calling that required him to shave it off… all of us kids really had to adjust.


  4. My kids wouldn’t know me without a beard either….it hides a great deal of genetic untidiness. 😉
    I do like Mr FD’s leggings up there ^^^……I need some for myself.
    Hope the CPAP machine works really well for him.


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