guns, teacher librarians and liu bolin

I am not a happy little elf this day and I am not quite sure why. In a bit of a grumpy mood, so to speak.  No one has especially aggrieved me, except for Mr FD but they were just his usual annoyances; and I can usually ignore his common levels of irritations. No, this is a low grade fugue that has teamed up with a smallish headache that has caused me to feel less than Ho, Ho, Ho.

I should be feeling somewhat pleased with myself, if not even experiencing feelings of superiority, for after over a year of residence I have finally tackled the “Spare Room” and cleared it of the last of the packing boxes and detritus that accompanied us on our move.

It is officially the spare room, but I have fallen into the habit of calling it “Daughter2’s room” though she slept there for about three nights last Christmas, just after the move. It houses her bedroom furniture, but now also a desk, narrow bookcase and matching set of filing drawers that were once in Mr FD’s study in the city house. A bit of a squeeze, but somehow it all fits. These are the issues that need to be worked through when one downsizes from a huge house to an average size house.

Mr FD and Son moved some of the furniture under my direction (a couple more inches to the left! Or maybe the right?), so that this Christmas Daughter doesn’t have to perform a kamikaze leap from the bottom of the bed to sleep in it each night. She will also be joined by her beau for a night or two, and he is very tall (poor man will feel like Gulliver among the Lilliputians, as we are a little challenged on the height genes) and might appreciate being able have a little leg space.

I would like to jettison the office furniture, but Mr FD clings to it, even though he has a work area in another part of the house. At the moment the grandbaby’s cot is in a corner of our room, and it should really be in the spare room, as it is more than a little out of place in our room! Our own children never had their cots in our rooms, for heavens sake!  Like all things it is small steps, and by next Christmas I may have my wish and it will vacant our room and a couple of chairs will fill the space. One thing a long marriage and passing into the mature years teaches is that patience is needed, especially with husbands and the moving furniture. As it is now, the cot makes a perfect hanging rail for clothing and that suits Mr FD very much! Of course the chore of actually hanging the clothing up when Petite Fille comes to visit never quite falls to Mr FD.

My bargaining chips are two chairs that belonged to his parents. Very art deco and with a little repair and recovering would be perfect for our bedroom, so playing on his sentimentality may just be the leverage I need. I mean this is a man who rescued an ugly, ugly mission brown mass produced pottery spoon rest from his mother’s kitchen that would never have been used at any time in his childhood, was probably bought at a dollar store, and I swear even his mother would not have considered a thing of beauty! We won’t speak of its present whereabouts again…

I should be feeling chuffed in that some progress has been made, and I am; but not enough. Bah Humbug!

Perhaps it was hearing the news that now they have opened season on teacher librarians in the USA (when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?). I see the next round of employment contracts – other duties as required: dodging bullets. Where have all the teacher librarians gone?

The race to make libraries book free may mean that we won’t even have book stacks to hide amongst. We will just be like ducks on the shooting circulation desk! I understand that we are an endangered species, but I thought technology would make us extinct, not gun toting students! Where have all the teacher librarians gone, indeed!

May I suggest that, even if they don’t value their children that they at least value their teacher librarians and make their streets and schools gun free? Heck, TLs have a hard enough time getting kids to read and balancing shrinking budgets, must we spend our small salaries on flak camouflage gear now too?

Perhaps Teacher Librarian’s should put in the a professional development workshop with the invisible artist Liu Bolin, for our own safety so that we can learn to blend into the book shelves?

Who are the ones who should be learning though?



12 thoughts on “guns, teacher librarians and liu bolin

  1. We seem to have a lack of common sense in this world, along with the lack of the ability to think about what’s best for the country, the world, and our lives – those lacks are both overcome by the selfishness that each radical group displays to protect THEIR interest. To heck with the rest of us.

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  2. Our local school district has shut down most of the on-campus libraries and gotten rid of teacher librarians. In the few cases where a school still has a library, they’re often staffed by volunteers, parents from the PTA or retirees, mostly former librarians. I understand why—the city school district is strapped for cash; enrollment is declining, and as a result, so are federal and state funds (districts receive so much per student from the governments); they’ve been forced to shut down six elementary schools and two middle schools, all of them in low-income neighborhoods. I remember however that the school library was such a wonderful resource when I was a child. It was not only a great source of books and magazines, it was a refuge for those of us who preferred reading to playground sports aka torture the nerds. I probably read more books in our school library than our city’s public library, which was far away from our neighborhood.

    If they close school libraries, or make them book-free, who will teach students how to do research using paper sources? How will they learn to appreciate quiet study and reading?


    • It is not only paper sources, there is this huge myth that kids know how to use technology and research online – they don’t. They know how to use social media but as for using information rich online sources they are completely lost. In five years time some academic will announce his/her research saying just that and then the politicians will run around throwing up their hands … and all the librarians will be gone


  3. Unfortunately this school shooting was about a 20 minute drive from my house. It sucks that this is a repeat occurrence in my state and that we have an “active shooter” protocol in place. Luckily only one student was injured however she’s in very critical condition. It’s said that the librarian was also running the debate team and they had a disagreement or he was kicked off of it.


  4. I mean this is a man who rescued an ugly, ugly mission brown mass produced pottery spoon rest from his mother’s kitchen that would never have been used at any time in his childhood, was probably bought at a dollar store, and I swear even his mother would not have considered a thing of beauty!

    I hope the mission brown aspect of it was not the most ugly part of it. Cimmy and I live in a rambler house built in 1977 (much like the house I lived in from 1978-1984) and mission style with mission brown is rather part and parcel here.

    School shootings have not yet fully touched down here. The downtown high school (Kennewick High School) does have the advantage of being across the street from a branch of the public library where my brother-in-law currently works, so students regularly come to the public library during school hours. I have no clue about cutbacks or anything like that; the branch where my sister works is being remodeled, and it’s in a poorer section of our area (East Pasco, which is a “Little Mexico” of sorts).


    • We were married in 1977 so every second wedding gift seemed to be mission brown – or orange!
      Politicians and administrators ignore the fact that librarians don’t just put books on shelves. We educate – and that means educate in technology, We are at the cutting edge of research based theory – more than pollies and administrators who are using a 19th century thinking model!


      • Mission brown is all right– orange, oh no no. The late ’70s had some colors that were not that bad (to my memory), but the orange… oh, and probably certain shades of green, no, they were horrid.

        As I told you I have librarians for family members… “preaching to the choir” once again applies. I’ve read about the challenges librarians face teaching students about online research, search skills (what I call “Google Fu” sometimes), and other aspects of educating in technology as you describe. So of course I appreciate your dilemma but being a “have not” in some ways, I’m not sure what much I can do about it.


      • p.s. my parents were married in 1972, around the northern hemisphere winter solstice…i.e. they can’t give me too much grief about being married in December

        I came along two years later in August


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