I dashed into the German butchers and ordered a “German Platter” to be collected on Christmas Eve. It will contain a variety of German and European cold meats, sausages, cheese, pickles and gherkins. I also ordered their speciality – smoked wurst. I am making a wurst salad so one ring of wurst will go into that, and another was ordered to snack on. Nothing gets the extended FD family a twitter more than a well rounded smoked wurst!

There will be Black Forest Trifle for dessert thanks to Daughter1, as well! I may just swan (flamingo?) dive into the black forest trifle. So much chocolate, cream, custard, and brandy gooey yumminess. Some things even a pearl wearing goddess can’t resist.


My guess is that it is the third generation of German butchers that we are gifting with our custome. My Dad used to buy our meat from the original German butcher when he had a small butchery in our home town. Dad would go very early every Friday morning and buy meat for the week. When the sons joined the business they opened a bigger store out on the highway and would win prizes for their sausages. I am guessing it must be the grandchildren operating the business now – and all the same authentic wurst recipes! Well, that is what I tell myself anyway! I would be bereft if I found out they had sold to some large meat company and now were merely a front, not that I would stop purchasing from them – wurst wins out!

pimms glass

I also purchased a bottle of pimms for Christmas Day ( not from the butcher obviously though they do sell local wines). Even though I seem to always be advocating a glass of something, we are in reality not regular drinkers. That bottle of chardonnay we opened lasted three nights! We are also not ones for heavy wines and as Christmas is in summer here, I thought a pimm’s cup with lunch would be very pleasant. Mr Boy’s mother is joining us for the day and she was born in England, so a little tilt of the hat to her heritage too.

Daughter2, all the way over in Perth, has not missed out on the preparations, as she was allocated the job of creating invitations. Not that the family needs an official invitation, but we thought it would add some fun, and she has sent individual hand made invitations to all, including the three little children of Niece, trying to cheer them a little after the loss of their grandfather, BIL.

This will be the first Christmas my mother won’t be at the table with us too. Her carers feel it is better to leave her in her care facility and not upset her routine. Not that she won’t have a constant flow of visitors over the Christmas period, but it would confuse her to be taken out of familiar surroundings now, and she has trouble walking, and is incontinent so we really couldn’t manage her. So we will be missing Mum and BIL, and of course Mr FD lost his mother this year as well…

Years like this make you appreciate those you love, and I think we are all putting a little more effort into the festivities this year. Having a theme makes everyone participate a little more as well, adds some fun. Plus we get to eat all the German foods we love!

Just being a good gastgeberin

[gastgeberin = hostess in German]


20 thoughts on “Gastgeberin

  1. Happy Christmas to all of my far-flung Flamingos!

    And a German Planner seems like a thing of beauty to me – heavy, meaty, cheesey…and gherkin-y! We have a tradition of making tacos at my house, for some reason – Boyfriend buys the fixings and I do the cooking.

    Buying the Christmas tree this weekend!


  2. Holidays are difficult after the loss of a loved one. I hope Mr. FD will take comfort in his own family, especially the Petite Fille, and your sister in hers. I will say however that it’s wise to let your mother stay at the care center. What seems lively and fun to us is often maddening to a person with dementia. My mother used to get angry over the holidays because she felt confused and ignored. If we didn’t pay her proper attention, she would dump her filled dinner plate on the floor and of course, expect me to clean it up. She would have been much happier if we let her follow her daily routine and not force her to join the holiday merriment.


  3. Simply delicious – all of it – I was brought up on German and Czech food. Every Saturday I have to get the smallgoods for mum & Pop from their favourite Continental Deli – blood tongue wurst, Prescof (potted meat with gherkins) chicken and onion liverwurst – rye bread with caraway seeds. One of my memories was sitting in the car with my dad when I was about 7 chowing down gypsy ham and salami – uncut and rye bread – like a viking – it was wonderful. Sorry your mum will not be with you this Christmas (hugs)


  4. Have I missed any stuff on the German connection to the FD household? Not that I am bigtime into Christmas, but Christmas with a German connection seems new to me.
    The dessert…mmmmm….


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