the glass is full

FD pearl

Since the start of the holidays I have managed to enjoy a glass of wine every day. Okay, most days I open the bottle and pour the glass, but the fact remains that I am making the most of the days. And it is just one glass each day, so no lectures please!

I joined Daughter1 and Petite Fille on a shopping trip which included a lovely lunch – a steak Panini and a glass of Margaret River Chardonnay  no less. Just after lunch, I was pushing Petit Fille in her pram , when her Mummy gained a step or two on us to be just ever so slightly ahead of us, so that she came into Petite Fille’s view. Our baby girl, who is just over 10 months old now, threw up her arms with glee and declared “Mummy!” clearly.

She was ecstatic  as though she had not seen her mother in months, instead of microseconds! Perhaps she thought that the mad woman pushing the pram was going to run away from her, and her Mummy was her last chance of rescue!

Last week she said, “Daddy” so she has all the important words under control; just “Grandma” to master, and as she has two grandmothers she had better learn twice as fast!

As to the shopping, I purchased the last gift on our Christmas gift list! Read it and weep – I am superior!

The other items I purchased where:

A baby cup,

A bra

A long, double strand of pearls.

Isn’t that so me? The granny with the mostest!


9 thoughts on “the glass is full

  1. Since the start of the holidays I have managed to enjoy a glass of wine every day.

    Hopefully you wait until after noon to open that bottle! 😉

    Seriously, I am glad you are able to enjoy your break so fully. A day with your daughter and granddaughter sounds like fun, especially if you get to hear Petite Fille talk!


    • I was worried when we moved out of the city to our country paradise that I might not see Daughter and Petite Fille as much as I would like, but I am managing almost weekly visits if not fortnightly, which is pretty good considering I live an hour away and work full time!


  2. Sounds delightful. I actually thought that the list was a list of gifts and I was like, WOW a Bra. I would love some good high quality bras, but I’m not sure I’d trust anyone to purchase them… LOL ENjoy ENjoy!


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