a nice cup of tea

tea nice

A lovely Chinese gentleman and his teenage son visited us, and as is the Chinese tradition he presented us with gifts when he arrived. Two lovely charms to hang in our house to bring us health and wealth and some real Chinese tea.

Lovely gifts, but when Mr FD heartily declared that we would make a pot of tea immediately, my stomach fell. I love drinking tea, but these days we use tea bags and so my pot making skills are a little rusty. Then again to serve Chinese tea to the Chinese is a whole different matter on top of that!

Selecting the tea pot was a small anxiety, not that we don’t have a tea pot; I probably have about a dozen! Selecting the right size was my issue! I settled on a china pot and was so relieved to find that the tea was in vacuum sealed sachets – just the right quantity for the pot, I hoped!

I had selected mugs to serve coffee and so quickly changed to cups and saucers, just by chance it was willow pattern!

The tea was exquisite. When I opened the pot’s lid later to empty it, I found that the leaves were in fact whole leaves. No tiny little shreds of tea as we are used too, but complete green leaves, no wonder it was delicious. Mr FD’s father who had grown up on tea plantations in Sri Lanka always said that they tea we served in Australia were “the sweepings off the floor!”. I never doubted his word and this certainly proves what a third rate product we think a good cup of tea is!

The tea was so delicious and refreshing that I only needed a small nap afterwards to recover from being nice. I mean, I was so nice that I even posed for a photo with out visitor outside our house, for their album! Now that is nice!


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