maybe a blind person has a greater understanding of me

Car woman

Our property is over an acre, and all our neighbours have about the same amount of ground. Our houses are all built on different aspects, not all in a row like a suburban street, so we really do have little contact with them. We love the privacy, as we all find being nice so exhausting. Our daughters are the complete opposite, little social butterflies and I often marvel at them while wondering if they are in fact mine!

This morning, I reversed the car out of the garage and as I waited for the automatic door to close I cast my eyes down and realised that I had my blouse on inside out – not a first as many of my regular readers will agree. I often have issues with wearing my clothes correctly, and have even been known to wear two different shoes to work one day!

Maybe it is reaching a certain age, or just being too lazy to get out of the car and walk back into the house to change, but I decided to remain in my seat and just rip my top off over my head and dress myself correctly.

It was only after I had accomplished my feat and wriggled back into driving position that I noticed our neighbour, an aged gentlemen, standing on the boundary of our properties not fifteen feet from my car. From the look on his face I had confirmed forever that “those new people next door are plain crazy”.

What do you think are the chances of him coming over to borrow a cup of sugar any time soon? Mr FD has the odds on Zero to Zilch.


8 thoughts on “maybe a blind person has a greater understanding of me

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