a dog with a bone

Every Christmas we purchase a large ham, and every Christmas I save the ham bone to make soup. Well, I intend to make soup, but as Christmas is summer time in Australia and the temperature is usually over 30C and not exactly the weather to be tempted by soup, the ham bone gets placed in the freezer for use in the colder months.

Usually that is where it stays, until next Christmas when I take it out and replace it with a fresh ham bone. Except this year! This year, the ham bone went into the freezer in December, and reappeared in November, not to make soup, but to make one Augie Dog a very happy dog indeed.

Augie Nov 2013

He chewed on it for over three hours straight and then needed a long nap to recover from his excitement!

I sent the photo to Daughter1 who declared she still has a ham bone in the freezer too! She has offered to gift it to Augie – perhaps a Christmas Day surprise for him!


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