oranges and lemons, the bells, oh the bells…


I drove over and collected my sister on the way to a local garden nursery, today. I have been planning it ever since we moved in last year and today was the  day I finally found the time and the motivation perhaps to commence our plans for an orchard.

I purchased  lime, orange and mandarin trees. There is already a lemon tree in the garden, planted by the previous owners. It is looking a little sad but hopefully we can bring it around.

We had a prolific lime tree in the garden of our city home and everyone has missed its fruit since our move – nothing to garnish our drinks. I never had much luck with the orange tree we had there, but I think it was too close to palms trees, fighting for moisture and sun. Hopefully, we shall learn from our mistakes.

I also chose pots of parsley, sweet basil and thyme. Our herbs suffered in the move and lack of care this past chaotic year and so time to replant.

Planning for new growth in the new year – and reaping the harvest of our efforts!

herbs 1


7 thoughts on “oranges and lemons, the bells, oh the bells…

  1. I think I need to do this. We have a pokey little back yard, most of it dominated by a ramp, wheelie bins and Ashley’s extension. The bottom does get some summer sun so there is hope……


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