truth to tell

I was supervising the snaking line of year eights awaiting their immunisations. I was working the crowd with a comedy routine to relieve the stress. As they were sitting on chairs I announced to the grade that under one of their chairs was a lucky number and the person with the lucky number “four” would be receiving four vaccinations that day. The looks of horror and panic on their faces was priceless!

I didn’t say it was their stress I was relieving…


14 thoughts on “truth to tell

  1. I remember we all lined up with arms showing like we were sausages waiting to be ‘pricked’ in 1970s/80s UK schools – nothing quite as barbaric happens here in US!!!


    • Yeah, I wasn’t aware that vaccinations were done at school at all.

      I mean, here in the US, we’ve even got some parents that refuse to have them done (which I personally think is ill-informed).


      • Very funny FD. And I’m with you Jaklumen.
        ….. as for those parents who opt out of the UKs MMR jabs, the epidemics in South Wales are now taking their tole on their children. So much foolishness has been spouted about possible side effects – none of it proven.
        My brothers and I and our children had every jab going and suffer no ill effects.


        • They are not forced to have it, it is parental choice, but it is offered at schools just to make sure it is followed up. Many day care centres won’t accept children who aren’t vaccinated now. We are suffering a measles outbreak at the moment especially in the area where our school is, as the lower socio economic parents are the ones who don’t follow through.


          • Curiously it’s notjust lower socio-economic parents who refuse the jab here. All classes are doing it after much falsified evidence tried to link it to autism and stomach disorders. The scare is lasting long after the study was discredited and the doctor struck off. It will take deaths to wake this lot up.


    • It is where I get my big jollies these days. Because I am the librarian they never quite know how to take it – is she joking or serious?. I am always threatening to bite them on the knee caps and all sorts of violence and they have the temerity to laugh!


  2. FD strikes again! Such a versatile line – applicable to so many situations. I broke my own rule of never, never having liquid in my mouth when I read your blog. My brother, the teacher, now has this in his inbox.


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