hanging with the pack

dog gr

Severe storms with all the trimmings of thunder and lightning, tonight. Mr FD and Son drove to the city, leaving Augie home alone until I got home from school.

I could hear Augie whimpering through the closed garage door as I hopped out of my car. He did his usual excited leaping and circling as I walked through the door. I let him have a run outside while I cooked some chicken for his dinner

Afterwards, as it grew dark, and the “boys” still weren’t home, Augie grew more concerned, commencing his whimpering again. He became more agitated as the storm approached, obviously very aware that his pack was not complete. I played with him, rubbed and stroked him, gave him treats, told him to calm down, but very little soothed him for more than a couple of minutes.

His whining was escalating as the storm hit, but thankfully, Son and Mr FD drove into the garage just as the first small hail fell. Once he saw his boys home and suitably greeted, Augie flopped down on the floor and has been silent ever since. The storm blew, rain poured from gutters that could not cope with the deluge, lightning flashed and thunder clapped – and Augie slept on! His job was done!


6 thoughts on “hanging with the pack

  1. And they know so far ahead of the storm that it’s coming. Betty hated storms and she’d be scratching at the screen door hours before there was really any sign.


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