a day to remember

baby 4

I am sure I had a post all worked out in my head to write tonight, but we just received the news that Mr FD’s niece has given birth to twin boys, so everything has gone from my head. The little boys are not identical, but are safe and well. Their mother is exhausted, but happy. It has been a long IVF journey for them to be a family and we celebrate their arrival with much happiness and gratitude.

Speaking of Mr FD, he has been to the sleep clinic and as soon as they read his results he was told not to drive until he gets his sleep machine – in mid December! Luckily, Son has just finished University exams and so is available to chauffeur his father for now (Son is soooo excited!), and then once the school holidays commence in 19 school days (yes, we are counting!) I will also be available.

I wonder if Mr FD will be able to sleep talk once he has all his sleep gear on? The other night he declared “I am a total idiot!” and I felt like waking him up to tell him that he had finally said something I agreed with! I wonder if I will sleep once he is hooked up? Do the sleep machines make a noise? Worse than snoring, spluttering, talking and coughing noises that is!


19 thoughts on “a day to remember

  1. I am curious to know what the sleep machine is, but also a little scared to search for it online 🙂
    Will being on the sleep machine mean no more Mr. FD night-talk posts? I don’t like it.


  2. My SO sleeps with a CPAP and it was the best thing that ever happened. Its like sleeping next to a shower running and does take some getting used to, but no more snoring, twitching and none of those long gaps without breathing. He still makes noises, and sometimes I have to tell him to readjust. He also tapes his mouth shut to avoid whistling, so no talking in his sleep for him! But he is much happier and healthier. I’ve actually reached a point where I can’t fall asleep until he puts it on.


  3. I have a couple of friends that have those sleep machines, and they say theirs do not make much noise. Just make sure Augie dog doesn’t think the mask is a good thing to chew up (their dog did).



    • One night I had Mr FD talking and jumping in in his sleep and Augie sleeping on the floor next to my side of the bed, obviously dreaming and making a very primal wold noise – it was like being in the fifth circle of hell!


  4. Congratulations on your niece’s twins. What joy you must all be feeling today! The sleep machine sounds really interesting. I’m all agog to hear more about it once Mr FD has given it a whirl. 🙂


    • One twin, the biggest one surprisingly, had to spend some time in the care nursery as he couldn’t feed. They did a full body scan and are none the wiser, but he did suckle a little late today,so that is a good sign. Niece is exhausted and sleeping around the clock!


  5. Excellent news Nana FD.
    Let us know about the sleep machine. Is it a large hammer on a coiled spring to biff him whenever he makes a noise?


    • Boyfriend snores prodigiously; pushing/poking does no good; but I find that placing a pillow over his face and knowing when to remove it works wonders.

      Congratulations on your niece’s twins! May celebrations surround them forever!


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