We went to Ikea yesterday, Mr and Mrs Boy, Petite Fille and I. It must be five years or more since I was in an Ikea store and since then a superstore has opened in a new location. As we entered I asked Mr Boy not to lose me. I even contemplated slipping the pram strap to my wrist so that I didn’t have to rely on my miniscule sense of direction to emerge at the other end. Luckily I soon realised that lights formed arrows on the floor and I just followed the trail to the exit.

My task was to buy photo frames to frame home class photos for my graduation class. I have a home class that has a mix of year 10,11 and 12 students and the years 10 and 11 are suppose to bring in money to purchase a gift for the years 12s on their last day. Of course they don’t and so it falls to the teacher to purchase from their own pockets.

So, I wanted mass identical frames at a low price. Hence the trip to Ikea. I found 10 bright blue frames in the school colour and an exact fit for the photograph. Price? $2.50!  Yay! I am under no misapprehension that they will end up in the back of their closet or in the bin so I was not going to outlay a large amount.

My other purchases? A high chair for Petite Fille when she comes to visit, and two sticky lint rolls to help fight the Augie hair that I always seem to be covered in.  Oh and some books for Petite Fille and Christmas cookie cutters for Daughter1 (Mrs Boy).

I was pleased with my purchases, and we had a lovely tea break in the cafeteria, but the whole place was a little scary. The concept of living an entire Ikea life was a little much for me. They had everything, from food, to sewing materials; baby items to garden tools. I expected to round a corner and find flat packed coffins at any moment.

Of course time collapses, just like it does when you are playing on the computer. What you think is one hour is really three. We left the store, triumphant but exhausted. I expect it will be at least another year and another graduation before I return. I may just have recovered by then!


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  1. You did purchase well ~ there are many who are Ikea nuts. The one stop everything you need store. Some things are quite well priced ~ some not so much. Don’t fret none, I think it’s been the same amount of time, since I visited one. Now I’m a Funeral Celebrant …my eyes popped at the flat packed coffins 😉


  2. A couple of years ago, I made the mistake of taking my mother to Ikea while I shopped for bedding for my younger daughter, who’d just gotten her own apartment. Even on the best days, when I’m well-rested and on my game, I find walking through Ikea a daunting experience. For my Alzheimer’s-addled mother it was too much, and she promptly began misbehaving like some sugar-crazed four-year-old. She grabbed one of the Ikea bags and began filling it with shiny things from the Christmas decorations displays. (Yes, it was holiday shopping time, and while it was a weekday morning, it was still busy there.) When I told her she had to put everything back, she clutched the bag to her breast and said “NO!” I finally distracted her by asking if she’d like to try the Ikea meatballs. She literally dropped the bag to the ground and ran to the cafe. (I didn’t even try to put the items in the bag back on their display. Sorry, Ikea sales staff.) But I haven’t back to an Ikea since then. Just the thought makes me want to pass out.


  3. well, now that you’ve stated it out loud – I’m sure they’ll start carrying coffins.

    we’ve have a 3-story mega Ikea out here. I hate it. I usually only want stuff from the bottom floor but you have to start at the top and follow that stupid arrow alllllll the way back down to get to the odds & ends. I want a short cut! (I don’t go there often)


  4. We have one quite close by after many years of wishing there was one nearer our state. You do have to be in the right frame of mind as the other comments state. A friend of mine is very claustrophobic so it is out of bounds for her – the top floor at least.
    I bet that coffin idea isn’t THAT far off – especially given costs of funerals etc.

    There was a recent article I read here about the $$$ a year a teacher pays out of pocket for class supplies etc per year. Was astounding and yet also sadly believable.


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