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Australia got a change of government yesterday. Tony Abbott is now our Prime Minister. I did not vote for him, and I fear that his will be a “mean government” (the liberal party in Aust is akin to the republican party in USA). However, I really hope for all our sakes, that my fears are unfounded and that when it comes time for the next election in three years time that I have to admit “I was wrong”. In the mean time, I may cease watching news programs and lalalalalal sing whenever politics is discussed!

After we voted, Mr FD and I went out for a late breakfast. I had a stack of pancakes, with strawberries, maple syrup and bacon. Mr FD had the “BIG BREAKFAST” which seemed to have every meat product known to man along with eggs, tomato, hash browns and toast. Just put the word “big” in front of any menu item and Mr FD will order it! Breakfast is our favourite meal to order out, and we love nothing better than being to order it at any time of the day! We are off to Tasmania in a little over two weeks and the thought of all those breakfasts I will order is getting me a wee bit too excited! I really do need a life!

On the way home we visited with my Mum in her Twilight zone. I always announce our names as we arrive, as I am never sure if she will know who we are if we just walk into the room. So if I say, “Hello Mum, its FD and Mr FD to see you.” she seems to be comfortable with us. We took her out onto the patio outside the dining room to sit and talk. I like to get her out of her room when we visit, but it is a major operation these days as she is having more issues with movement. It is as though her brain is just forgetting her basic motor skills. These days I ask for the nurses to assist, and they seem to get her on her way. We stayed with her until it was time for her lunch.

BIL is in palliative care and has good days and bad days. My sister does not expect to bring him home from the hospital. He is now having trouble swallowing and he is not eating very much. She has been told to get wills etc. in order. Tough times for her. When time moves on I am going to take her away for a few days for a sisters vacation. Maybe we will go to Perth and visit Daughter2 (my sister is also her godmother, and they are very close). We expected the worst last week but he keeps bouncing back. It is a fine life line.

Two weeks until the September Spring holiday break! I am going to a librarians’ conference in Hobart, Tasmania across the middle weekend and Mr FD is coming with me and we will stay a couple of days extra just for a break. It will be my third trip to Tasmania and I do love going there. So beautiful.

Treasure your week – we never know how many more we will be allowed.


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  1. This is a time when the term “in limbo” really fits. The outcome with BIL is certain and while he’s here you all treasure the moments. Gills Mum went into palliative care and even a few days before her passing, she still thought she could have weeks left. It’s such a tough time.
    Hope you enjoy your stay in Tasmania. Sounds a lovely place.
    One of my Ozzy friends has been keeping me up to date with the election and he is not a happy bunny.


    • In limbo indeed. For me, though, I sometimes call it “the sick taking care of the sick.” I have chronic pain. My father has some neurological conditions (that cause chronic pain and illness). My mother has Parkinson’s. My maternal grandmother (her mother) has Alzheimer’s and dementia. So we have a chain of generations trying to take care of each other. It can be a precarious balance sometimes.


  2. Lots going on in your life- many transitions. and BREAKFASTS! My favorite as well! I admit I enjoy this one at Cracker Barrell (A very low class chain here in the states) called Mommas pancake breakfast….2 meats, 3 pancakes, 2 eggs…and to make it perfect I usually order some hashbrowns too….what can I say….I heart to order breakfast. Enjoy Tasmania!


  3. Your own breakfast sounds fairly big to me, lol. I am not a “big breakfast” eater: a bowl of granola with a little milk is filling enough for me, though my main reason for having breakfast is to have something with my two cups of coffee, usually with vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, chocolate-flavoring—you know, all the flavor without the sin of calories and fat. (I take my coffee black, no cream, no sugar. đŸ™‚ )

    Enjoy your trip to Tasmania! It sounds like you’ve needed this getaway for a long while. When my husband was in hospice, a counselor encouraged me to take frequent breaks and not to disrupt my own life while waiting for the inevitable. She said it wasn’t in my power to know when it would happen, nor would my constant presence hurry or slow things down. Also, my family, those I was best able to help, needed me more. So yes, set aside your cares and focus on ordering those breakfasts out and taking in the sights. You deserve this!


  4. As much as I had high hopes for our first female Prime Minister I suspect the moment of her overthrowing the elected PM was when the rot started. Lets hope the change will bring little harm.
    I empathise with how you feel on your visits to your Mum…I had similar experiences 20 years ago.


  5. The waiting for the inevitable is very emotionally draining. I hope your family has the strength for it for however long it takes.
    Enjoy Tasmania.


  6. sorry to read about BIL. I had a friend who was like that, we’d think it was the end then he’d bounce back. I ended up with horrible guilt over constantly being mentally prepared for his death when it didn’t happen.

    Big breakfast = YAY!! The cashier in our office cafe thinks it’s totally strange that I eat omelets at 1pm. I can’t think of a time of day when eggs or omelets are NOT appropriate.


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