Things I will never do

rock dine

Climb Mt Everest
Sale solo around the world
Be the Queen of England

Be President of the United States
Build a kit car
Perform brain surgery
Eat brains
Ride in a hot air balloon
Be 21, 35, 40 or 49 again.
Dance on MIL’s grave (she got cremated, you can’t dance on a wall niche)
Poke Putin in the eye (though I might possibly smite him)
Vote for Tony Abbott
Ride a motorbike
Appear on a reality TV show
Work a minute longer than I absolutely have to…waiter, tab please!
Get married again (who could follow Mr FD, right? HaHahAhAHAHa)
Consider Prince Charles handsome or king material
Have cosmetic surgery (can’t improve on perfection, right?)
Write an erotic novel (too difficult to put hands and noses and tongues in the right place at the right time and all at the same time!)
Say that yellow is my favourite colour
Follow the yellow brick road (now if it was blue, that would need serious consideration)
Call my cat, Hitler (even if I had one!)
Own a gun
Win an Academy Award (though I am very good at drama)
Be a city bus driver
Play the glockenspiel (I am not even sure I can spell glockenspiel)
Retire the stick list (so much annoyance and imperfection)

Run with the Bulls

Probably finish this list!





8 thoughts on “Things I will never do

  1. That is a great list. I always wonder about what I may or may not do. Like, I am always amazed at people who have never ever left the USA, even for a cruise to one of the Sanitized ports of call…but then again, they still seem to have lead very fufilling lives….


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